A multiscale method for model order reduction in PDE parameter estimation. (English) Zbl 07006455

Summary: Estimating parameters of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) is of interest in a number of applications such as geophysical and medical imaging. Parameter estimation is commonly phrased as a PDE-constrained optimization problem that can be solved iteratively using gradient-based optimization. A computational bottleneck in such approaches is that the underlying PDEs need to be solved numerous times before the model is reconstructed with sufficient accuracy. One way to reduce this computational burden is by using Model Order Reduction (MOR) techniques such as the Multiscale Finite Volume Method (MSFV).
In this paper, we apply MSFV for solving high-dimensional parameter estimation problems. Given a finite volume discretization of the PDE on a fine mesh, the MSFV method reduces the problem size by computing a parameter-dependent projection onto a nested coarse mesh. A novelty in our work is the integration of MSFV into a PDE-constrained optimization framework, which updates the reduced space in each iteration. We present a computationally tractable way of explicitly differentiating the MOR solution that acknowledges the change of basis. As we demonstrate in our numerical experiments, our method leads to computational savings for large-scale parameter estimation problems where iterative PDE solvers are necessary and offers potential for additional speed-ups through parallel implementation.


65-XX Numerical analysis
92-XX Biology and other natural sciences
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