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Inverse spectral problem for the Schrödinger operator with periodic magnetic and electric potentials. (English) Zbl 0702.35236
Sémin. Équations Dériv. Partielles 1988-1989, Exp. No. 13, 6 p. (1989).
Der Autor untersucht inverse Spektralprobleme für Schrödingeroperatoren der Form \(H=\sum^{2}_{j=1}(i\partial /\partial x_ j+A_ j(x))^ 2+V(x)\), \(x\in {\mathbb{R}}^ 2,\)
wobei \(A_ 1\), \(A_ 2\) und V periodisch auf einem Gitter sind.
Reviewer: W.Wendt

35R30 Inverse problems for PDEs
35J10 Schrödinger operator, Schrödinger equation
35P05 General topics in linear spectral theory for PDEs
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