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On the expressiveness and monitoring of metric temporal logic. (English) Zbl 07056237
Summary: It is known that Metric Temporal Logic (\(\mathsf{MTL}\)) is strictly less expressive than the Monadic First-Order Logic of Order and Metric (\(\mathsf{FO}[<, +1]\)) when interpreted over timed words; this remains true even when the time domain is bounded a priori. In this work, we present an extension of \(\mathsf{MTL}\) with the same expressive power as \(\mathsf{FO}[<, +1]\) over bounded timed words (and also, trivially, over time-bounded signals). We then show that expressive completeness also holds in the general (time-unbounded) case if we allow the use of rational constants \(q \in \mathbb{Q}\) in formulas. This extended version of \(\mathsf{MTL}\) therefore yields a definitive real-time analogue of Kamp’s theorem. As an application, we propose a trace-length independent monitoring procedure for our extension of \(\mathsf{MTL}\), the first such procedure in a dense real-time setting.
03B70 Logic in computer science
68 Computer science
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