OpenML: an R package to connect to the machine learning platform openml. (English) Zbl 07095922

Summary: OpenML is an online machine learning platform where researchers can easily share data, machine learning tasks and experiments as well as organize them online to work and collaborate more efficiently. In this paper, we present an R package to interface with the OpenML platform and illustrate its usage in combination with the machine learning R package mlr [B. Bischl et al., J. Mach. Learn. Res. 17, Paper No. 170, 5 p. (2016; Zbl 1392.68007)]. We show how the OpenML package allows R users to easily search, download and upload data sets and machine learning tasks. Furthermore, we also show how to upload results of experiments, share them with others and download results from other users. Beyond ensuring reproducibility of results, the OpenML platform automates much of the drudge work, speeds up research, facilitates collaboration and increases the users’ visibility online.


62-XX Statistics
65-XX Numerical analysis


Zbl 1392.68007
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