Histoire de la statistique. (History of statistics). (French) Zbl 0718.01001

Que Sais-Je, 2527. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 128 p. (1990).
This is a short introduction into history of statistics with emphasis on the social sciences mainly for French readers (as declared in Chapter I). Chapter II gives a short account of descriptive statistics and of graphical representation, Chapter III a very short account of the foundations of probability and its mathematical aspects, Chapter IV of sampling methods, Chapter V of estimation and testing of hypotheses, Chapter VI of nonparametric statistics and robustness, Chapter VII of time series, Chapter VIII of analyse des données [in the sense of J.-P. Benzécri, Histoire et préhistoire de l’analyse des données (1982; Zbl 0496.62001); and F. Benzécri and J.-P. Benzécri, Pratique de l’analyse des données, 1: Analyse des correspondances (Paris 1980; Zbl 0446.62001)], this chapter was written by Benard Fichet. Chapter IX gives eight biographies of statisticians: R. A. Fisher, Francis Galton, Corrado Gini, W. S. Gosset, J. Neyman, Karl and Egon Pearson, A. Quetelet. A short bibliography with 55 references is given, but no indices of subjects and authors.
Reviewer: H.Grimm (Jena)


62-03 History of statistics
01A05 General histories, source books