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Deterministic global derivative-free optimization of black-box problems with bounded Hessian. (English) Zbl 1439.90077
Summary: Obtaining guaranteed lower bounds for problems with unknown algebraic form has been a major challenge in derivative-free optimization. In this work, we present a deterministic global optimization method for black-box problems where the derivatives are not available or it is computationally expensive to obtain. However, a global upper bound on the diagonal Hessian elements is known. An edge-concave underestimator [the second author, J. Glob. Optim. 71, No. 4, 735–752 (2018; Zbl 1422.90038)] can be then constructed with a vertex polyhedral solution. Evaluating this underestimator only at the vertices leads to a valid lower bound on the original black-box problem. We have implemented this lower bounding technique within a branch-and-bound framework and assessed its computational performance in a locating \(\epsilon\)-global optimal solution for several box-constrained, nonconvex black-box functions.
90C56 Derivative-free methods and methods using generalized derivatives
90C26 Nonconvex programming, global optimization
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