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An effective pure meshfree method for 1D/2D time fractional convection-diffusion problems on irregular geometry. (English) Zbl 07228823
Summary: An easy implemented and effective pure meshfree method is first developed to solve the 1D/2D constant/variable-order time fractional convection-diffusion equation (TF-CDE) on non-regular domain with two boundary conditions in this paper. The proposed method (CSPH-FDM) is derived from that the finite difference scheme (FDM) for Caputo time fractional derivative and a corrected smoothed particle hydrodynamics (CSPH) without kernel derivative for spatial derivatives. In the proposed CSPH-FDM, the high-order spatial derivative is divided into multi first-order derivatives and solved continuously by the CSPH, the Neumann boundary condition can be accurately treated, the two distribution cases of the local refinement and irregular particles or the arbitrary irregular shape domain can be easily and effectively implemented by the CSPH. To demonstrate the validity and numerical convergent order of the proposed method, several 1D/2D analytical examples with local refinement and irregular particles distributions or on complex geometries are first investigated, in which a four-order derivate problem with Neumann boundary is also considered. Subsequently, the CSPH-FDM is extended to predict the solute moving process versus time by two TF-CDEs on different irregular domains and compared with other numerical results. All the numerical results show the flexible application ability and reliability of the present method.
76 Fluid mechanics
65 Numerical analysis
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