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Tree decomposition of Reeb graphs, parametrized complexity, and applications to phylogenetics. (English) Zbl 1452.55007
A Reeb graph is a connected set \({\mathbb X}\) together with a real valued map \(f :\ {\mathbb X} \ \rightarrow \ {\mathbb R}\) which is strictly monotone when restricted to edges. Reeb graphs arise in computational phylogenetics. The main results of this paper show that a Reeb graph can be thought of as a coproduct of partially ordered trees. The author obtains results on the complexity of Reeb graphs and shows that the isomorphism problem is in a reasonable sense tractable.
55N31 Persistent homology and applications, topological data analysis
18F99 Categories in geometry and topology
92B10 Taxonomy, cladistics, statistics in mathematical biology
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