Mapping properties of weakly singular periodic volume potentials in Roumieu classes. (English) Zbl 1514.47085

Summary: The analysis of the dependence of integral operators on perturbations plays an important role in the study of inverse problems and of perturbed boundary value problems. In this paper, we focus on the mapping properties of the volume potentials with weakly singular periodic kernels. Our main result is to prove that the map which takes a density function and a periodic kernel to a (suitable restriction of the) volume potential is bilinear and continuous with values in a Roumieu class of analytic functions. This result extends to the periodic case of some previous results obtained by the authors for nonperiodic potentials, and it is motivated by the study of perturbation problems for the solutions of boundary value problems for elliptic differential equations in periodic domains.


47H30 Particular nonlinear operators (superposition, Hammerstein, Nemytskiĭ, Uryson, etc.)
31B10 Integral representations, integral operators, integral equations methods in higher dimensions
47H60 Multilinear and polynomial operators
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