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A concurrent implementation of the surrogate management framework with application to cardiovascular shape optimization. (English) Zbl 1457.90158
Summary: The surrogate management framework (SMF) is an effective approach for derivative-free optimization of expensive objective functions. The SMF is typically comprised of surrogate-based infill methods (SEARCH step) coupled to pattern search optimization (POLL step). Although the latter is easy to parallelize, parallelization of the SEARCH step requires surrogate-based strategies that generate multiple candidates at each iteration. The impact of such SEARCH methods on SMF performance remains poorly explored. In this paper, we extend the SMF to incorporate concurrent evaluations at the SEARCH step by comparing two different infill approaches: single search multiple error sampling and expected improvement constant liar approaches. These variants are generalized to address non-linearly constrained problems by the filter method. The proposed methods are benchmarked for different infill sizes, while accounting for the variability in initialization. We then demonstrate the proposed methods on two shape optimization problems motivated by hemodynamically-driven surgical design. Surrogate-based multiple-infill strategies outperform their single-infill counterparts for a fixed computational time budget on bound constrained problems. Insights drawn from this study have implications not only on future instances of the SMF, but also for other surrogate-based and hybrid parallel infill methods for derivative-free optimization.
90C30 Nonlinear programming
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