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Higher-order quantifier elimination, counter simulations and fault-tolerant systems. (English) Zbl 07356977
Summary: We develop quantifier elimination procedures for fragments of higher order logic arising from the formalization of distributed systems (especially of fault-tolerant ones). Such procedures can be used in symbolic manipulations like the computation of pre/post images and of projections. We show in particular that our procedures are quite effective in producing counter abstractions that can be model-checked using standard SMT technology. In fact, very often in the current literature verification tasks for distributed systems are accomplished via counter abstractions. Such abstractions can sometimes be justified via simulations and bisimulations. In this work, we supply logical foundations to this practice, by our technique for second order quantifier elimination. We implemented our procedure for a simplified (but still expressive) subfragment and we showed that our method is able to successfully handle verification benchmarks from various sources with interesting performances.
68V15 Theorem proving (automated and interactive theorem provers, deduction, resolution, etc.)
ETPS; SeaHorn; ByMC; nuXmv; Mcmt
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