Symplectic geometry and mathematical physics. Actes du colloque de géométrie symplectique et physique mathématique en l’honneur de Jean-Marie Souriau, Aix-en-Provence, France, June 11-15, 1990. (English, French) Zbl 0741.00086

Progress in Mathematics. 99. Boston, MA etc.: Birkhäuser. viii, 478 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Benenti, S., Separation of variables in the geodesic Hamilton-Jacobi equation, 1-36 [Zbl 0781.53025]
Blattner, Robert J., Some remarks on quantization, 37-47 [Zbl 0744.58026]
Bloch, A. M.; Ratiu, T. S., Convexity and integrability, 48-79 [Zbl 0755.53023]
Brylinski, Ranee; Kostant, Bertram, The variety of all invariant symplectic structures on a homogeneous space and normalizers of isotropy subgroups, 80-113 [Zbl 0813.53033]
Cushman, Richard; Sjamaar, Reyer, On singular reduction of Hamiltonian spaces, 114-128 [Zbl 0746.58028]
Dufour, Jean-Paul, Normal forms of Poisson structures, 129-135 [Zbl 0812.53035]
García Pérez, P. L.; Muñoz Masqué, J., Higher order regular variational problems, 136-159 [Zbl 0745.58017]
Gotay, Mark J., An exterior differential systems approach to the Cartan form, 160-188 [Zbl 0747.58006]
Holm, Darryl D.; Marsden, Jerrold E., The rotor and the pendulum, 189-203 [Zbl 0744.70011]
Huebschmann, Johannes, On the quantization of Poisson algebras, 204-233 [Zbl 0752.58012]
Karasev, M. V., Simple quantization formula, 234-244 [Zbl 0767.58017]
Lichnerowicz, André, Kähler groups., 245-259 [Zbl 0741.53047]
Marle, Charles-Michel, Geometry of mechanical systems with active constraints., 260-287 [Zbl 0743.70018]
Medina, Alberto, Affine Poisson structures, 288-302 [Zbl 0744.53017]
Montgomery, R., Heisenberg and isoholonomic inequalities, 303-325 [Zbl 0744.58028]
Ne’eman, Yuval; Sternberg, Shlomo, Internal supersymmetry and superconnections, 326-354 [Zbl 0746.53061]
Ouzilou, R., Some remarks on Poisson-Nijenhuis manifolds, 355-365 [Zbl 0827.17023]
Rawnsley, John, Deformation quantization of Kähler manifolds, 366-373 [Zbl 0753.58012]
Roger, Claude, Graded Lie algebras and quantization, 374-421 [Zbl 0748.17028]
Rosso, Marc, An analogue of B.G.G. resolution for the quantum \(SL(N)\)-group, 422-432 [Zbl 0744.17018]
Śniatycki, Jȩdrzej, Hamiltonian constraints, the Jacobi principle and gravity, 433-441 [Zbl 0746.58021]
Vergne, Michèle, Coadjoint orbits and characters., 442-445 [Zbl 0745.58012]
Weinstein, Alan, Noncommutative geometry and geometric quantization, 446-461 [Zbl 0756.58022]
Wilbour, Don C.; Arms, Judith M., Reduction procedures for Poisson manifolds, 462-475 [Zbl 0756.58020]


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