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Mono-unary algebras in the work of Czechoslovak mathematicians. (English) Zbl 0741.08001
A mono-unary algebra is a pair \((A,f)\) where \(A\) is a set and \(f\) a mapping from \(A\) into \(A\). This article includes a survey of results obtained by Czechoslovak mathematicians in the area of mono-unary algebras. The investigation of mono-unary algebras in Czechoslovakia was stimulated by a problem of O. Borůvka, formulated in 1950, concerning commuting matrices. This problem led to the study of homomorphisms of mono-unary algebras.

08A60 Unary algebras
08-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to general algebraic systems
08-03 History of general algebraic systems
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