Finite-time topological identification of complex network with time delay and stochastic disturbance. (English) Zbl 07442523

Summary: The topology identification issue of complex stochastic network with delay and stochastic disturbance is mainly introduced in this paper. It is known the time delay and stochastic disturbance are ubiquitous in real network, and they will impair the identification of network topology, and the topology capable of identifying the network within specific time is desired on the other hand. Based on these discussions, the finite-time identification method is proposed to solve similar issues problems. The validity of theoretical results is proved with the stochastic dynamical system stability theory and finite-time stability theory. Finally, a simple numerical simulation is proposed to verify the feasibility of the method.


34H10 Chaos control for problems involving ordinary differential equations
93E15 Stochastic stability in control theory
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