Progress in functional analysis. Proceedings of the international functional meeting on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Professor M. Valdivia in Peñíscola, Spain, 22-27 October, 1990. (English) Zbl 0745.00031

North-Holland Mathematics Studies. 170. Amsterdam etc.: North-Holland. xxviii, 431 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Horváth, John, The mathematical works of Manuel Valdivia, 1-55 [Zbl 0776.46001]
Vogt, Dietmar, Regularity properties of (LF)-spaces, 57-84 [Zbl 0779.46005]
Aytuna, A.; Terzioǧlu, T., Some applications of a decomposition method, 85-95 [Zbl 0781.46013]
Bonet, J.; Meise, R.; Taylor, B. A., On the range of the Borel map for classes of non-quasianalytic functions, 97-111 [Zbl 0769.46008]
Bierstedt, Klaus Dieter; Bonet, José, Biduality in Fréchet and (LB)-spaces, 113-133 [Zbl 0804.46007]
Galindo, Pablo; García, Domingo; Maestre, Manuel, Holomorphic mappings of bounded type on (DF)-spaces, 135-148 [Zbl 0795.46035]
Mujica, Jorge, Linearization of holomorphic mappings of bounded type, 149-162 [Zbl 0795.46036]
Ansemil, J. M.; Aron, R. M.; Ponte, S., Spaces of holomorphic functions and germs on quotients, 163-177 [Zbl 0766.46026]
Laursen, K. B., Automatic continuity of intertwiners in topological vector spaces, 179-190 [Zbl 0801.46055]
Drewnowski, Lech; Florencio, Miguel; Paúl, Pedro J., Barrelled function spaces, 191-199 [Zbl 0780.46002]
Bonet, José; Dierolf, Susanne, On distinguished Fréchet spaces, 201-214 [Zbl 0785.46003]
Metafune, Giorgio; Moscatelli, Vincenzo B., Prequojections and their duals, 215-232 [Zbl 0804.46010]
Saxon, Stephen A., Problems from the Pérez Carreras/Bonet book, 233-237 [Zbl 0779.46004]
Derrick, W. R.; Nova G., L., Interior properties and fixed points of certain discontinuous operators, 239-245 [Zbl 0806.47048]
Bessaga, C., Functional analytic aspects of geometry. Linear extending of metrics and related problems, 247-257 [Zbl 0771.54027]
Altomare, F., Lototsky-Schnabl operators on the unit interval and degenerate diffusion equations, 259-277 [Zbl 0795.47019]
Orihuela, José, On weakly Lindelöf Banach space, 279-291 [Zbl 0789.46015]
Bombal, Fernando, Distinguished subsets in vector sequence spaces, 293-306 [Zbl 0785.46006]
Llavona, José G., Weak topologies on bounded sets of a Banach space. Associated function spaces, 307-318 [Zbl 0785.46012]
Taskinen, Jari, Factorization of multilinear operators, 319-331 [Zbl 0782.47026]
Dineen, Seán; Timoney, Richard M., Complex geodesics on convex domains, 333-365 [Zbl 0785.46044]
Defant, Andreas; Floret, Klaus, Continuity of tensor product operators between spaces of Bochner integrable functions, 367-381 [Zbl 0783.47041]
Behrends, Ehrhard, Compact convex sets in the two-dimensional complex linear space with the Yost property, 383-392 [Zbl 0804.46017]
Cobos, Fernando; Kühn, Thomas, Some remarks on a limit class of approximation ideals, 393-403 [Zbl 0766.47019]
Jarchow, Hans, Some factorization properties of composition operators, 405-413 [Zbl 0786.47029]
Pietsch, Albrecht, Eigenvalues of nuclear operators on Tsirelson spaces, 415-422 [Zbl 0773.47008]
Pełczyński, A.; Wojciechowski, M., Absolutely summing surjections from Sobolev spaces in the uniform norm, 423-431 [Zbl 0793.47018]


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