Courbes modulaires et courbes de Shimura. Compte rendu d’un séminaire sur courbes modulaires, courbes de Shimura et représentations galoisiennes à Orsay, France, en 1987-88. (French) Zbl 0745.00052

Astérisque. 196-197. Société Mathématique de France: 257 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Raynaud, Michel, Jacobian of modular cures and Hecke operators, 9-25 [Zbl 0781.14020]
Illusie, Luc, \(l\)-adic realization of monodromy pairing after A. Grothendieck, 27-44 [Zbl 0781.14011]
Boutot, J.-F.; Carayol, H., \(p\)-adic uniformization of Shimura curves: the theorems of Cherednik and Drinfeld, 45-158 [Zbl 0781.14010]
Edixhoven, Bas, The action of the Hecke algebra on the group of components of Jacobians of modular curve is “Eisenstein”, 159-170 [Zbl 0781.14019]
Ling, San; Oesterlé, Joseph, The Shimura subgroup of \(J_ 0(N)\), 171-203 [Zbl 0781.14015]
Diamond, Fred, Congruence primes for cusp forms of weight \(k\geq 2\), 205-213 [Zbl 0783.11022]
Mazur, B.; Ribet, K. A., Two-dimensional representations in the arithmetic of modular curves, 215-255 [Zbl 0780.14015]


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