EdgeCFD: a parallel residual-based variational multiscale code for multiphysics. (English) Zbl 07474517

Summary: High fidelity multiphysics simulations are ubiquitous in science and engineering but still face many challenges to run efficiently in today’s supercomputers. This work reports advanced technologies present in EdgeCFD, a hybrid parallel variational multiscale multiphysics finite element software capable of running industrial problems involving turbulent incompressible, compressible, free-surface flows, advection-diffusion of multiple scalar fields, fluid-object interaction using an Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian formulation, and, more recently, used to supporting uncertainty quantification. We also show the strategies to support the solution of large scale problems, including in-situ visualisation and how EdgeCFD handles computational steering. Industrial applications in the oil and gas industry are shown to demonstrate EdgeCFD capabilities. We present the analysis of vortex-induced vibration in cylindrical risers with appendages to reduce drag and lift, and the simulation of successive discharges of turbidity currents, a critical process for understanding the formation of oil reservoirs.


76-XX Fluid mechanics
74-XX Mechanics of deformable solids
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