Sur la complexité des systèmes complexes. (The complexity of complex systems). (French) Zbl 0748.93004

This is an authorized translation of a paper published in the bulletin of “The Philosophy of Science Association” [PSA, Vol. 2, 597-522 (1977)] where the author explains in a didactic and pragmatic manner the notion of “quasi-decomposable systems”. He introduced it in the paper “Architecture of Complexity” published in Proc. Am. Philosophical Soc. 106 (1962). The main conclusion is that the systems existing in the nature are hierarchic and quasi-decomposable. Pertinent recommendations regarding the structure of complex programmes ( structural programming) are formulated.
Reviewer: M.Voicu (Iaşi)


93A10 General systems
93A13 Hierarchical systems
93B11 System structure simplification