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\(p\)-adic methods in number theory and algebraic geometry. (English) Zbl 0752.00052
Contemporary Mathematics. 133. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). vii, 241 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Baldassarri, Francesco; Chiarellotto, Bruno, On Christol’s theorem. A generalization to systems of PDE’s with logarithmic singularities depending upon parameters, 1-24 [Zbl 0768.12006]
Baldassarri, Francesco; Chiarellotto, Bruno, On André’s transfer theorem, 25-37 [Zbl 0784.12008]
Christol, G.; Dwork, B., Differential modules of bounded spectral norm, 39-58 [Zbl 0765.12003]
Crew, Richard, The \(p\)-adic monodromy of a generic abelian scheme in characteristic \(p\), 59-74 [Zbl 0785.14009]
Dorman, David R., Factorization of Drinfeld singular moduli, 75-79 [Zbl 0774.11027]
Fisher, Benji, Distinctness of Kloosterman sums, 81-102 [Zbl 0797.11095]
Freije, Richard M., Intersection formulas for Mumford curves, 103-118 [Zbl 0793.14016]
Goss, David, \(L\)-series of Grössencharakters of type \(A_0\) for function fields, 119-139 [Zbl 0941.11504]
Kato, Goro, A \(p\)-adic cohomological method for the Weierstrass family and its zeta invariants, 141-162 [Zbl 0795.14013]
Larsen, Michael, Two-dimensional systems of Galois representations, 163-169 [Zbl 0797.11088]
Robinson, Margaret M., Algebraic identities useful in the computation of Igusa local zeta functions, 171-174 [Zbl 0776.11069]
Silverberg, A., Points of finite order on abelian varieties, 175-193 [Zbl 0787.14028]
Stiller, Peter F., The arithmetic and geometry of elliptic surfaces, 195-204 [Zbl 0785.14013]
van Mulbregt, P., Torsion-points on low dimensional abelian varieties with complex multiplication, 205-210 [Zbl 0787.14027]
Vitulli, Marie A., Prime-like subsets of a commutative ring, 211-219 [Zbl 0777.13005]
Wan, Daqing, Newton polygons and congruence decompositions of \(L\)-functions over finite fields, 221-241 [Zbl 0799.11059]
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