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Real algebraic geometry. Proceedings of the conference, held in Rennes, France, June 24-28, 1991. (English) Zbl 0756.00007
Lecture Notes in Mathematics. 1524. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. viii, 418 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Knebusch, Manfred, Semialgebraic topology in the last ten years, 1-36 [Zbl 0779.14023]
Parimala, R., Algebraic geometric methods in real algebraic geometry, 37-51 [Zbl 0782.14045]
Polotovskij, G. M., On the classification of decomposing plane algebraic curves, 52-74 [Zbl 0789.14028]
Scheiderer, Claus, Real algebra and its applications to geometry in the last ten years: Some major developments and results, 75-96 [Zbl 0779.14021]
Shustin, E. I., Topology of real plane algebraic curves, 97-109 [Zbl 0788.14052]
Silhol, R., Moduli problems in real algebraic geometry, 110-119 [Zbl 0786.14032]
Akbulut, S.; King, H., Constructing strange real algebraic sets, 120-127 [Zbl 0771.14016]
Andradas, Carlos; Ruiz, Jesús M., More on basic semialgebraic sets, 128-139 [Zbl 0787.14036]
Borobia, Alberto, Mirror property for nonsingular mixed configurations of one line and \(k\) points in \({\mathbb{R}{}}^ 3\), 140-144 [Zbl 0776.57005]
Bröcker, Ludwig, Families of semialgebraic sets and limits, 145-162 [Zbl 0849.14022]
Brumfiel, G. W., A Hopf fixed point theorem for semi-algebraic maps, 163-169 [Zbl 0791.55003]
Brumfiel, G. W., On regular open semi-algebraic sets, 170-173 [Zbl 0771.14014]
Castilla, Ana, Sums of \(2n\)-th powers of meromorphic functions with compact zero set, 174-177 [Zbl 0773.12001]
Charzyński, Zygmunt; Skibiński, Przemysław, Pseudoorthogonality of powers of the coordinates of a holomorphic mapping in two variables with the constant Jacobian, 178-192 [Zbl 0767.32002]
Coste, Michel; Reguiat, Miloud, Triviality of a family, 193-204 [Zbl 0801.14016]
Degtyarev, A. I., Stiefel orientations on a real algebraic variety, 205-220 [Zbl 0779.57022]
Denkowska, Zofia, Subanalyticity and the second part of Hilbert’s 16\(^{th}\) problem, 221-234 [Zbl 0779.32005]
Françoise, J.-P.; Ronga, F., The decidability of real algebraic sets by the index formula, 235-239 [Zbl 0790.14044]
Gamboa, J. M.; Ueno, C., Proper polynomial maps: The real case, 240-256 [Zbl 0793.14038]
Gondard-Cozette, Danielle, On orderings of level \(2^ n\) and on an extension of the 17th Hilbert problem, 257-266 [Zbl 0795.12002]
Itenberg, I. V., Curves of degree 6 with one non-degenerate double point and groups of monodromy of non-singular curves, 267-288 [Zbl 0794.14012]
Jaworski, Piotr, The 17-th Hilbert problem for noncompact real analytic manifolds, 289-295 [Zbl 0784.32006]
Korchagin, A. B., Construction of new \(M\)-curves of 9-th degree, 296-307 [Zbl 0785.14033]
Krasiński, Tadeusz; Spodzieja, Stanisław, On linear differential operators related to the \(n\)-dimensional Jacobian conjecture, 308-315 [Zbl 0774.32008]
Kurdyka, Krzysztof, On a subanalytic stratification satisfying a Whitney property with exponent 1, 316-322 [Zbl 0779.32006]
Lombardi, Henri, A bound on the degrees for the effective real Nullstellensatz, 323-345 [Zbl 0782.14001]
Marshall, M.; Walter, L., Minimal generation of basic semi-algebraic sets over an arbitrary ordered field, 346-353 [Zbl 0771.14015]
Mazurovskii, V. F., Configurations of at most 6 lines of \(\mathbb{R} P^ 3\), 354-371 [Zbl 0792.51002]
Mikhalkin, Grigory, Extensions of Rokhlin congruence for curves on surfaces, 372-377 [Zbl 0790.14046]
Mostowski, T.; Rannou, E., Complexité de la construction des strates à multiplicité constante d’un ensemble algébrique de \({\mathbb{C}{}}^ n\). (Complexity of the construction of strata with constant multiplicity of an algebraic set of \({\mathbb{C}{}}^ n\)), 378-388 [Zbl 0783.14040]
Shustin, E. I., Real plane algebraic curves with many singularities, 389-401 [Zbl 0786.14035]
Vorob’ev, Nicolai N., Effective stratification of regular real algebraic varieties, 402-415 [Zbl 0783.14034]

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