Harmonic Analysis. Proceedings of a conference held in Sendai, Japan, August 14-18, 1990. (English) Zbl 0759.00011

Tokyo: Springer-Verlag. v, 214 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Alexopoulos, G., Parabolic Harnack inequalities and Riesz transforms on Lie groups of polynomial growth, 1-14 [Zbl 0792.22006]
Arai, Hitoshi, Harmonic analysis with respect to degenerate Laplacians on strictly pseudoconvex domains, 15-29 [Zbl 0778.31006]
Ash, J. Marshall; Brown, Russell, Uniqueness and nonuniqueness for harmonic functions with zero nontangential limits, 30-40 [Zbl 0778.31002]
Carbery, Anthony; Hernández, Eugenio; Soria, Fernando, Estimates for the Kakeya maximal operator on radial functions in \(R^ n\), 41-50 [Zbl 0780.42014]
Chang, Sun-Yung A.; Yang, Paul C., Spectral invariants of conformal metrics, 51-60 [Zbl 0804.53066]
Christ, Michael, Remarks on the breakdown of analyticity for \(\overline\partial_ b\) and Szegö kernels, 61-78 [Zbl 0778.32006]
Coifman, R.; Semmes, S., \(L^ 2\) estimates in nonlinear Fourier analysis, 79-95 [Zbl 0773.42010]
Dinh-Dung, On optimal recovery of multivariate periodic functions, 96-105 [Zbl 0792.42008]
Emara, Salah A. A., A class of weighted inequalities, 106-116 [Zbl 0772.46011]
Gaudry, G. I., Some singular integrals on the affine group, 117-124 [Zbl 0818.43006]
Kahane, Jean-Pierre, From Riesz products to random sets, 125-139 [Zbl 0768.60013]
Kawazoe, Takeshi, A method of reduction in harmonic analysis on real rank 1 semisimple Lie groups. I, 140-153 [Zbl 0811.22007]
Lemarie, Pierre Gilles, Wavelets, spline interpolation and Lie groups, 154-164 [Zbl 0781.43004]
Mattila, Pertti, Principal values of Cauchy integrals, rectifiable measures and sets, 165-169 [Zbl 0776.30026]
Miyachi, Akihiko, Extension theorems for real variable Hardy and Hardy-Sobolev spaces, 170-182 [Zbl 0778.46024]
Mizuhara, Takahiro, Boundedness of some classical operators on generalized Morrey spaces, 183-189 [Zbl 0771.42007]
Sinnamon, Gord, Interpolation of spaces defined by the level function, 190-193 [Zbl 0783.46018]
Varopoulos, N. Th., Groups of superpolynomial growth, 194-200 [Zbl 0802.43002]
Wilson, J. M., Littlewood-Paley theory in one and two parameters, 201-206 [Zbl 0774.42010]
Wilson, J. Michael, Two-weight norm inequalities for the Fourier transform, 207-210 [Zbl 0785.42004]


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