Geometric monodromy groups of simple singularities. (Groupe de monodromie géométrique des singularités simples.) (French) Zbl 0768.32022

Authors’ summary: ”This note tries to answer a question of Sullivan: does the fundamental group of the complement of the discriminant of the universal unfolding of an isolated singularity in two complex variables inject into the mapping class group of the fiber (modulo its boundary) by the monodromy map? The answer is yes for the simple singularities \(A_ n: x^ 2+y^{n+1}\) \((n\geq 1)\) and \(D_ n: x(x^{n-2}+y^ 2)\) \((n\geq 3)\)”.


32S05 Local complex singularities
32S40 Monodromy; relations with differential equations and \(D\)-modules (complex-analytic aspects)