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Complex analysis and geometry. (English) Zbl 0772.00007
The University Series in Mathematics. New York: Plenum Press. xvi, 412 p. (1993).

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Indexed articles:
Barlet, Daniel, Theory of \((a,b)\)-modules. I, 1-43 [Zbl 0824.14002]
Bingener, Jürgen; Flenner, Hubert, On the fibers of analytic mappings, 45-101 [Zbl 0792.13005]
de Bartolomeis, Paolo, Twistor constructions for vector bundles, 103-114 [Zbl 0794.53022]
Demailly, Jean-Pierre, Monge-Ampère operators, Lelong numbers and intersection theory, 115-193 [Zbl 0792.32006]
Dolbeault, Pierre, CR analytic varieties with given boundary, 195-207 [Zbl 0795.32001]
Fornaess, John Erik; Sibony, Nessim, Smooth pseudoconvex domains in \(\mathbb{C}^ 2\) for which the Corona theorem and \(L^ p\) estimates for \(\bar \partial\) fail, 209-222 [Zbl 0812.32007]
Huckleberry, Alan T.; Fels, G., A characterization of \(K\)-invariant Stein domains in symmetric embeddings, 223-234 [Zbl 0790.32030]
Lempert, László, Complex structures on the tangent bundle of Riemannian manifolds, 235-251 [Zbl 0798.53040]
Mok, Ngaiming; Yeung, Sai Kee, Geometric realizations of uniformization of conjugates of Hermitian locally symmetric manifolds, 253-270 [Zbl 0793.32011]
Nacinovich, Mauro, Approximation and extension of Whitney CR forms, 271-283 [Zbl 0802.32025]
Ohsawa, Takeo, The existence of right inverses of residue homomorphisms, 285-291 [Zbl 0790.32029]
Peternell, Thomas, Tangent bundles, rational curves, and the geometry of manifolds of negative Kodaira dimension, 293-310 [Zbl 0792.14016]
Braun, Robert; Ottaviani, Giorgio; Schneider, Michael; Schreyer, Frank Olaf, Boundedness for nongeneral-type 3-folds in \(\mathbb{P}_ 5\), 311-338 [Zbl 0798.14023]
Schumacher, Georg, The curvature of the Petersson-Weil metric on the moduli space of Kähler-Einstein manifolds, 339-354 [Zbl 0804.53094]
Beltrametti, Mauro C.; Sommese, Andrew J., On \(k\)-jet ampleness, 355-376 [Zbl 0806.14014]
Gigante, Giuliana; Tomassini, Giuseppe, Deformations of complex structures on a real Lie algebra, 377-385 [Zbl 0809.17021]
Ballico, Edoardo, A problem list on vector bundles, 387-402 [Zbl 0789.32016]
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32-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to several complex variables and analytic spaces