Problems of geometry, topology and mathematical physics. (Zadachi geometrii, topologii i matematicheskoj fiziki.) (English) Zbl 0772.00008

Novoe v Global’nom Analize. Voronezh: Izdatel’stvo Voronezhskogo Universiteta. 77 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Borisovich, Yu. G., Equations with Fredholm and set-valued operators, new results and applications, 3-16 [Zbl 0829.47052]
Gliklikh, Yu. E., Calculation of Nelson’s mean derivatives and the existence of solutions in stochastic mechanics, 17-36 [Zbl 0787.60079]
Karasev, Michael; Vorobjev, Yuriy, On analog of Maslov class in non-Lagrangian case, 37-48 [Zbl 0805.57019]
Karpushkin, V. N., Classification of Hessians for the curves of the third degree, 49-50 [Zbl 0850.51007]
Nazaikinskij, V. E.; Sternin, B. Yu.; Shatalov, V. E., Introduction to Maslov’s operational method (applications), 51-64 [Zbl 0827.35006]
Zachepa, V. R., On \(C^ o\)-contact finite definiteness of a germ of a smooth mapping at a singular point, 65-73 [Zbl 0796.58011]


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