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Journées arithmétiques. Exposés présentés aux dix-septièmes congrès à Genève, Suisse, 9-13 septembre 1991. (French, English) Zbl 0772.00022
Astérisque. 209. Paris: Société Mathématique de France, 321 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Györy, Kálmán, Some recent applications of \(S\)-unit equations, 17-38 [Zbl 0792.11005]
Hindry, Marc, On the conjectures of Mordell and Lang (according to Vojta, Faltings, and Bombieri), 39-56 [Zbl 0792.14009]
Ramachandra, K., On Riemann zeta-function and allied questions, 57-72 [Zbl 0787.11036]
Rapinchuk, A. S., Congruence subgroup problem for algebraic groups: Old and new, 73-84 [Zbl 0805.20040]
Scholl, A. J., Modular forms and algebraic K-theory, 85-97 [Zbl 0795.14006]
Shioda, Tetsuji, Some remarks on elliptic curves over function fields, 99-114 [Zbl 0820.14016]
Amice, Yvette; Kahn, Bruno, Sums of powers in finite fields, 115-135 [Zbl 0809.11079]
Bergé, A.-M.; Martinet, J.; Sigrist, F., A generalization of the Voronoi algorithm for quadratic forms, 137-158 [Zbl 0812.11037]
Berthé, Valérie, New “automatic” proofs for the transcendence of the Carlitz zeta function, 159-168 [Zbl 0788.11020]
Bhowmik, Gautami, Divisor functions of integer matrices: Evaluations, average orders and applications, 169-177 [Zbl 0787.11007]
Chinburg, Ted; Erez, Boas, Equivariant Euler-Poincaré characteristics and tameness, 179-194 [Zbl 0796.11051]
Freiman, Gregory A., On the structure and the number of sum-free sets, 195-201 [Zbl 0796.11006]
Harari, David, Brauer group of certain hypersurfaces, 203-214 [Zbl 0795.14023]
Hürlimann, Werner, A short proof of the Albert-Brauer-Hasse-Noether theorem, 215-220 [Zbl 0806.11052]
Jenkner, Wolfgang, \(p\)-adic fields whose absolute Galois groups are isomorphic, 221-226 [Zbl 0804.11065]
Kaczorowski, J., The boundary values of generalized Dirichlet series and a problem of Chebyshev, 227-235 [Zbl 0790.11066]
Knopfmacher, John; Knopfmacher, Arnold, Metric properties of algorithms inducing Lüroth series expansions of Laurent series, 237-246 [Zbl 0788.11031]
Lario, Joan-C., Serre’s conjecture on Galois representations attached to Weil curves with additive reduction, 247-255 [Zbl 0822.11036]
Laššák, Miroslav, Some remarks on the Pethö public key cryptosystem, 257-264 [Zbl 0794.94009]
Meurman, Tom, A simple proof of Voronoi’s identity, 265-274 [Zbl 0788.11042]
Moroz, B. Z., On the representation of large integers by integral ternary positive definite quadratic forms, 275-278 [Zbl 0795.11020]
Scharlau, Rudolf; Walhorn, Claudia, Integral lattices and hyperbolic reflection groups, 279-291 [Zbl 0815.20039]
Shiga, Hironori, On the transcendency of the values of the modular function at algebraic points, 293-305 [Zbl 0862.11046]
Srinivasan, S., Two results in number theory, 307-310 [Zbl 0809.11006]
Yanchevskij, Vyacheslav I., \(K\)-unirationality of conic bundles over large arithmetic fields, 311-320 [Zbl 0820.14035]

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