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Proceedings of the twenty-third Southeastern international conference on combinatorics, graph theory, and computing, held at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, USA, February 3-7, 1992. (English) Zbl 0772.00026
Congressus Numerantium. 88. Winnipeg: Utilitas Mathematica Publishing Inc.. 256 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Nayak, Amiya; Pagli, Linda; Santoro, Nicola, Combinatorial and graph problems arising in the analysis of catastrophic fault patterns, 7-20 [Zbl 0798.68069]
Cimikowski, Robert J., Graph planarization and skewness, 21-32 [Zbl 0798.68125]
Schmalz, Bernd, The \(t\)-designs with prescribed automorphism group, new simple 6-designs, 33-37 [Zbl 0787.05010]
Gargano, Michael L.; Quintas, Louis V.; von Kleeck, D. Lawrence, Using genetic algorithms to solve mathematically difficult pollution problems, 39-44 [Zbl 0798.68141]
Chopra, D. V., Some results on the constraints of binary balanced arrays, 45-50 [Zbl 0787.05016]
Rentería, C.; Tapia-Recillas, H., Some Artin-Schreier codes and ideals, 51-56 [Zbl 0785.94016]
Berman, Kenneth A.; Paul, Jerome L., Upper bounds for the generalized independence number of a graph, 57-63 [Zbl 0791.05057]
Cai, Leizhen; Corneil, Derek G., Tree spanners: An overview, 65-76 [Zbl 0787.05026]
Calahan, Rebecca; Gardner, Robert B., A special case of bicyclic Steiner triple systems, 77-80 [Zbl 0795.05028]
Ng, Chung W.; Young, Gilbert H., Minimizing maximal weighted earliness and tardiness about a common due date, 81-95 [Zbl 0788.90040]
Emamy-K., M. Reza; Guan, P.; Rivera-Vega, P. I., On the characterization of the maximum squareless subgraphs of 5-cube, 97-109 [Zbl 0837.05101]
Faudree, Ralph J.; Gyárfás, András; Lehel, Jenö, Minimal path pairable graphs, 111-128 [Zbl 0791.05058]
Fuglister, Frederick J., Singular Moore geometries, 129-138 [Zbl 0796.51006]
Hemmeter, Joe, On a graph related to a dual polar graph, 139-143 [Zbl 0791.05100]
Blaha, Kenneth D., An algebraic view of the Moebius graph, 145-160 [Zbl 0791.05051]
Carrington, Julie R.; Brigham, Robert C., Global domination of simple factors, 161-167 [Zbl 0791.05077]
Hevia, Héctor; Novotny, Karen S.; VanderJagt, Donald W., Cores of graphs, 169-191 [Zbl 0791.05098]
Stivaros, Constantine, The complete multipartite networks are not always reliable, 193-206 [Zbl 0786.90023]
Jamison, Robert E.; Zheng, Deda, On closed cycles in GF\((2^ d)\), 207-215 [Zbl 0794.05116]
Kubicka, Ewa; Kubicki, Grzegorz; McMorris, F. R., On agreement subtrees of two binary trees, 217-224 [Zbl 0837.05045]
Harborth, Heiko; Mengersen, Ingrid, Drawings of the complete graph with maximum number of crossings, 225-228 [Zbl 0792.05043]
Beasley, LeRoy B.; Pullman, Norman J., Linear operators that strongly preserve upper ideals of matrices, 229-243 [Zbl 0835.15008]
Bascuñán, M. E.; Ruiz, S.; Slater, P. J., The additive bandwidth of grids and complete bipartite graphs, 245-254 [Zbl 0790.05072]
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