Differential geometry. Part 1: Partial differential equations on manifolds. Proceedings of a summer research institute, held at the University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA, July 8-28, 1990. (English) Zbl 0773.00022

Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics. 54, Part 1. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). xxii, 560 p. (1993).

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Indexed articles:
Yau, Shing Tung, Open problems in geometry, 1-28 [Zbl 0801.53001]
Almgren, Fred, Questions and answers about area-minimizing surfaces and geometric measure theory, 29-53 [Zbl 0812.49032]
Bao, David; Ratiu, Tudor, On the geometrical origin and the solutions of a degenerate Monge- Ampère equation, 55-68 [Zbl 0804.35087]
Brockett, Roger W., Differential geometry and the design of gradient algorithms., 69-92 [Zbl 1107.37306]
Chiang, Yuan-Jen, Spectral geometry of \(V\)-manifolds and its application to harmonic maps, 93-99 [Zbl 0806.58005]
Choi, Hyeong In; Treibergs, Andrejs, Constructing harmonic maps into the hyperbolic space, 101-109 [Zbl 0806.58011]
DeTurck, Dennis; Ziller, Wolfgang, Spherical minimal immersions of spherical space forms, 111-120 [Zbl 0840.53047]
Dorfmeister, Josef, Banach manifolds of solutions to nonlinear partial differential equations, and relations with finite-dimensional manifolds, 121-139 [Zbl 0798.58010]
Hardt, Robert, Some new harmonic maps, 141-146 [Zbl 0817.58010]
Hass, Joel; Pitts, Jon T.; Rubinstein, J. H., Existence of unstable minimal surfaces in manifolds with homology and applications to triply periodic minimal surfaces, 147-162 [Zbl 0798.53009]
Hsiang, Wu-Yi, Closed minimal submanifolds in the spheres, 163-173 [Zbl 0798.53058]
Huisken, Gerhard, Local and global behaviour of hypersurfaces moving by mean curvature, 175-191 [Zbl 0791.58090]
Ilmanen, Tom, The level-set flow on a manifold, 193-204 [Zbl 0827.53014]
Jost, Jürgen, Unstable solutions of two-dimensional geometric variational problems, 205-244 [Zbl 0796.53008]
Jost, Jürgen; Yau, Shing Tung, Harmonic maps and superrigidity, 245-280 [Zbl 0806.58012]
Kasue, Atsushi, Harmonic functions of polynomial growth on complete manifolds, 281-290 [Zbl 0811.53036]
Korevaar, Nick; Kusner, Rob, The structure of constant mean curvature embeddings in Euclidean three space, 291-297 [Zbl 0798.53010]
Li, Zhongyuan, Uniformization of spherical CR manifolds and the CR Yamabe problem, 299-305 [Zbl 0795.53067]
Li, Peter, The theory of harmonic functions and its relation to geometry, 307-315 [Zbl 0795.31009]
Li, Yan Yan; Tian, Gang, Harmonic maps with prescribed singularities, 317-326 [Zbl 0826.35035]
Lin, Fang Hua, Some recent results on harmonic maps to spheres, 327-331 [Zbl 0819.35036]
Meeks, William H. III, The geometry, topology, and existence of periodic minimal surfaces, 333-374 [Zbl 0812.49030]
Morgan, Frank, Soap films and mathematics, 375-380 [Zbl 0804.53009]
Mou, Libin H., Uniform boundary regularity estimates for minima of certain quadratic functionals, 381-387 [Zbl 0820.35044]
Oliker, Vladimir, Self-similar solutions and asymptotic behavior of flows of nonparametric surfaces driven by Gauss or mean curvature, 389-402 [Zbl 0802.58054]
Robinson, P. L., A report on geometric quantization, 403-415 [Zbl 0791.58045]
Taylor, Jean E., Motion of curves by crystalline curvature, including triple junctions and boundary points, 417-438 [Zbl 0823.49028]
Terng, Chuu-Lian, Recent progress in submanifold geometry, 439-484 [Zbl 0799.53060]
Tomter, Per, Constant mean curvature surfaces in the Heisenberg group, 485-495 [Zbl 0799.53073]
Wente, Henry C., Complete immersions of constant mean curvature, 497-512 [Zbl 0967.53506]
Wu, Hongyou, Banach manifolds of minimal surfaces in the 4-sphere, 513-539 [Zbl 0797.53047]
Zheng, Stephen, On the isolatedness for the solutions of Plateau’s problem, 541-560 [Zbl 0804.53011]


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