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A tribute to Emil Grosswald: number theory and related analysis. (English) Zbl 0773.00030
Contemporary Mathematics. 143. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). viii, 612 p. (1993).

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Indexed articles:
Bressoud, David; Knopp, Marvin; Sheingorn, Mark, In appreciation of Emil Grosswald, 1-19 [Zbl 0805.01033]
Almkvist, Gert, A rather exact formula for the number of plane partitions, 21-26 [Zbl 0820.11063]
Andrews, George E., On Ramanujan’s empirical calculation for the Rogers-Ramanujan identities, 27-35 [Zbl 0823.05008]
Bateman, Paul T., Integers expressible in a given number of ways as a sum of two squares, 37-45 [Zbl 0790.11032]
Berndt, Bruce C.; Hafner, James Lee, A theorem of Ramanujan on certain alternating series, 47-57 [Zbl 0804.11053]
Bressoud, David M.; Wei, Shi-Yuan, Combinatorial equivalence of definitions of the Schur function, 59-64 [Zbl 0785.05086]
Celniker, Nancy; Poulos, Steven; Terras, Audrey; Trimble, Cindy; Velasquez, Elinor, Is there life on finite upper half planes?, 65-88 [Zbl 0792.05065]
Choie, YoungJu; Zagier, Don, Rational period functions for \(\text{PSL}(2,\mathbb Z)\), 89-108 [Zbl 0790.11044]
Parson, L. Alayne, Rational period functions and indefinite binary quadratic forms. III, 109-116 [Zbl 0790.11045]
Chudnovsky, D. V.; Chudnovsky, G. V., Hypergeometric and modular function identities, and new rational approximations to and continued fraction expansions of classical constants and functions, 117-162 [Zbl 0792.11020]
Cohn, Harvey, Orbital modular equations, 163-178 [Zbl 0798.11010]
Datskovsky, Boris A., A mean-value theorem for class numbers of quadratic extensions, 179-242 [Zbl 0791.11058]
Delmer, Francine; Deshouillers, Jean-Marc, On a generalization of Farey sequences. I, 243-246 [Zbl 0791.11009]
Diamond, Harold G.; Halberstam, H.; Richert, H.-E., Sieve auxiliary functions. II, 247-253 [Zbl 0798.11035]
Duke, W.; Iwaniec, H., A relation between cubic exponential and Kloosterman sums, 255-258 [Zbl 0792.11029]
Ehrenpreis, Leon, Function theory for Rogers-Ramanujan-like partition identities, 259-320 [Zbl 0816.11050]
Erdős, Paul; Newman, D. J.; Knappenberger, J., Forcing two sums simultaneously, 321-328 [Zbl 0808.41006]
Evans, Ronald J.; Stolarsky, Kenneth B.; Wavrik, John J., Difference polynomials, 329-346 [Zbl 0809.39008]
Friedman, Jane E., An application of Ehrenpreis’s basis method to the Rogers-Ramanujan identities, 347-361 [Zbl 0816.11051]
Galambos, János, Extensions of some extremal properties of prime divisors to Poisson limit theorems, 363-369 [Zbl 0791.11052]
Gethner, Ellen, Rational period functions with irrational poles are not Hecke eigenfunctions, 371-383 [Zbl 0795.11023]
Goldfeld, Dorian; Hoffstein, Jeffrey, On the number of Fourier coefficients that determine a modular form, 385-393 [Zbl 0805.11040]
Gonek, S. M., An explicit formula of Landau and its applications to the theory of the zeta-function, 395-413 [Zbl 0791.11043]
Gordon, Basil; Hughes, Kim, Multiplicative properties of \(\eta\)-products. II, 415-430 [Zbl 0808.11030]
Grady, Michael; Newman, Morris, Counting subgroups of given index in Hecke groups, 431-436 [Zbl 0804.20038]
Hafner, James Lee; Sarnak, Peter; McCurley, Kevin, Relatively prime values of polynomials, 437-443 [Zbl 0790.11069]
Hagis, Peter jun., A new proof that every odd triperfect number has at least twelve prime factors, 445-450 [Zbl 0786.11003]
Hawkins, John H.; Knopp, Marvin I., A Hecke-Weil correspondence theorem for automorphic integrals on \(\Gamma_ 0(N)\), with arbitrary rational period functions, 451-475 [Zbl 0801.11026]
Lehner, J., Lagrange’s theorem for Hecke triangle groups, 477-480 [Zbl 0790.11004]
Murty, M. Ram; Murty, V. Kumar, Base change and the Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture, 481-494 [Zbl 0829.11032]
Newman, D. J., A “natural” proof of the non-vanishing of \(L\)-series, 495-498 [Zbl 0791.11044]
Odlyzko, Andrew M.; Skinner, Chris M., Nonexistence of Siegel zeros in towers of radical extensions, 499-511 [Zbl 0797.11090]
Parson, L. Alayne, Modular integrals and indefinite binary quadratic forms, 513-523 [Zbl 0795.11022]
Rankin, Robert A., Diagonalizing Eisenstein series. II, 525-537 [Zbl 0797.11044]
Rosen, David, Multiplier systems for the Hecke groups \(G(\sqrt 2)\) and \(G(\sqrt 3)\), 539-543 [Zbl 0803.11027]
Sheingorn, Mark, Low height Hecke triangle group geodesics, 545-559 [Zbl 0792.30034]
Shemanske, Thomas R.; Walling, Lynne H., On the Shimura lift for Hilbert modular forms, 561-569 [Zbl 0808.11033]
Stark, H. M., Dirichlet’s class-number formula revisited, 571-577 [Zbl 0804.11060]
Zeilberger, Doron, Closed form (pun intended!), 579-607 [Zbl 0808.05010]
Zeilberger, Doron, Gert Almkvist’s generalization of a mistake of Bourbaki, 609-612 [Zbl 0791.05003]

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