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Computational methods in hypersonic aerodynamics. (English) Zbl 0777.00022
Fluid Mechanics and its Applications. 9. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Southampton: Computational Mechanics Publications. ix, 491 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Grundmann, R., Introduction to the physical aspects of hypersonic aerodynamics, 1-28 [Zbl 0785.76037]
Hänel, D., Computational methods for viscous hypersonic flows, 29-79 [Zbl 0784.76039]
Shang, J. S., Numerical simulation of hypersonic flows, 81-114 [Zbl 0784.76060]
Gnoffo, P. A., Point-implicit relaxation strategies for viscous, hypersonic flows, 115-151 [Zbl 0784.76065]
Cinnella, P.; Grossman, B., Flux-split algorithms for hypersonic flows, 153-202 [Zbl 0784.76062]
Koren, B.; Hemker, P. W., Efficient multigrid computation of steady hypersonic flows, 203-231 [Zbl 0784.76069]
Arnal, D., Laminar-turbulent transition, 233-264 [Zbl 0784.76033]
Brazier, J. Ph.; Aupoix, B.; Cousteix, J., Second-order effects in hypersonic laminar boundary layers, 265-291 [Zbl 0784.76080]
Aupoix, B.; Cousteix, J., Real gas effects in two- and three-dimensional hypersonic, laminar boundary layers, 293-339 [Zbl 0784.76078]
Baysal, O., Flow analysis and design optimization methods for nozzle-afterbody of a hypersonic vehicle, 341-386 [Zbl 0785.76036]
Désidéri, J.-A., The computation over unstructured grids of inviscid hypersonic reactive flow by upwind finite-volume schemes, 387-446 [Zbl 0784.76064]
Häuser, J.; Muylaert, J.; Wong, H.; Berry, W., Computational aerothermodynamics for 2D and 3D space vehicles, 447-490 [Zbl 0784.76040]

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