Graph structure theory. Proceedings of the AMS-IMS-SIAM joint summer research conference on graph minors held June 22 to July 5, 1991 at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA (USA). (English) Zbl 0777.00050

Contemporary Mathematics. 147. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). xiv, 688 p. (1993).

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Indexed articles:
Tutte, W. T., Polynomials, 1-8 [Zbl 0791.05045]
Oxley, James; Whittle, Geoff, Tutte invariants for 2-polymatroids, 9-19 [Zbl 0787.05023]
Kung, Joseph P. S., Extremal matroid theory, 21-61 [Zbl 0791.05018]
Przytycka, Teresa M.; Przytycki, Józef H., Subexponentially computable truncations of Jones-type polynomials, 63-108 [Zbl 0812.57010]
Welsh, D. J. A., Knots and braids: Some algorithmic questions, 109-123 [Zbl 0792.05058]
Robertson, Neil; Seymour, P. D.; Thomas, Robin, A survey of linkless embeddings, 125-136 [Zbl 0788.05034]
Colin de Verdière, Yves, On a new graph invariant and a criterion for planarity, 137-147 [Zbl 0791.05024]
Borodin, Oleg, Four problems on plane graphs raised by Branko Grünbaum, 149-156 [Zbl 0788.05030]
Reed, Bruce, Counterexamples to a conjecture of Las Vergnas and Meyniel, 157-159 [Zbl 0791.05091]
Bollobás, Béla; Reed, Bruce; Thomason, Andrew, An extremal function for the achromatic number, 161-165 [Zbl 0787.05053]
Prömel, Hans Jürgen; Steger, Angelika, The asymptotic structure of \(H\)-free graphs, 167-178 [Zbl 0838.05070]
Fellows, Michael; Kratochvíl, Jan; Middendorf, Matthias; Pfeiffer, Frank, Induced minors and related problems, 179-182 [Zbl 0796.68118]
Schrijver, Alexander, Induced circuits in graphs on surfaces, 183-193 [Zbl 0788.05035]
Frank, András; Jordán, Tibor, Tree-representation of directed circuits, 195-202 [Zbl 0789.05049]
McCuaig, William, Intercyclic digraphs, 203-245 [Zbl 0789.05042]
Bang-Jensen, Jørgen; Poljak, Svatopluk, Eulerian trails through a set of terminals in specific, unique and all orders, 247-258 [Zbl 0837.05080]
Okamura, Haruko, 2-reducible cycles containing two specified edges in \((2k+1)\)-edge- connected graphs, 259-277 [Zbl 0788.05063]
Huck, Andreas, Edge-disjoint cycles in \(n\)-edge-connected graphs, 279-293 [Zbl 0789.05056]
Reed, B. A.; Robertson, N.; Schrijver, A.; Seymour, P. D., Finding disjoint trees in planar graphs in linear time, 295-301 [Zbl 0791.05092]
Przytycka, Teresa M.; Przytycki, Józef H., Surface triangulations without short noncontractible cycles, 303-340 [Zbl 0788.05046]
Vitray, R. P., Representativity and flexibility on the projective plane, 341-347 [Zbl 0792.05048]
Zha, Xiaoya; Zhao, Yue, On non-null separating circuits in embedded graphs, 349-362 [Zbl 0792.05049]
Negami, Seiya, Projective-planar graphs with even duals. II, 363-379 [Zbl 0787.05031]
Dean, Nathaniel; Ota, Katsuhiro, 2-factors, connectivity and graph minors, 381-386 [Zbl 0787.05028]
Huneke, John Philip, A conjecture in topological graph theory, 387-389 [Zbl 0797.05037]
Zha, Xiaoya, On the closed 2-cell embedding conjecture, 391-404 [Zbl 0788.05036]
Zhang, Cun-Quan, Cycle cover theorems and their applications, 405-417 [Zbl 0804.05054]
Goddyn, Luis A., Cones, lattices and Hilbert bases of circuits and perfect matchings, 419-439 [Zbl 0789.05078]
Gvozdjak, Pavol; Širáň, Jozef, Regular maps from voltage assignments, 441-454 [Zbl 0791.05025]
Oporowski, Bogdan, The infinite grid covers the infinite half-grid, 455-460 [Zbl 0790.05090]
Diestel, Reinhard, Dominating functions and topological graph minors, 461-476 [Zbl 0794.05115]
Jung, H. A., Notes on rays and automorphisms of locally finite graphs, 477-484 [Zbl 0787.05048]
Gordeev, L., Quasi-ordinals and proof theory, 485-494 [Zbl 0808.03038]
Vertigan, Dirk, Minor classes: Extended abstract, 495-509 [Zbl 0788.05086]
Gustedt, Jens, Well-quasi-ordering finite posets, 511-515 [Zbl 0791.06009]
Ding, Guoli, The immersion relation on webs, 517-524 [Zbl 0788.06006]
Robertson, Neil; Seymour, P. D.; Thomas, Robin, Structural descriptions of lower ideals of trees, 525-538 [Zbl 0799.05015]
Abrahamson, Karl; Fellows, Michael, Finite automata, bounded treewidth and well-quasiordering, 539-563 [Zbl 0791.05094]
Courcelle, Bruno, Graph grammars, monadic second-order logic and the theory of graph minors, 565-590 [Zbl 0787.05086]
Proskurowski, Andrzej, Graph reductions, and techniques for finding minimal forbidden minors, 591-600 [Zbl 0787.05032]
Lagergren, Jens, An upper bound on the size of an obstruction, 601-621 [Zbl 0791.05089]
Langston, Michael A., An obstruction-based approach to layout optimization, 623-629 [Zbl 0801.68095]
Coullard, Collette R.; Wagner, Donald K., Decomposing 3-connected graphs, 631-633 [Zbl 0786.05053]
Kelmans, A. K., Graph planarity and related topics, 635-667 [Zbl 0791.05028]
Robertson, Neil; Seymour, Paul, Excluding a graph with one crossing, 669-675 [Zbl 0797.05038]
Dean, Nathaniel, Open problems, 677-688 [Zbl 0789.05080]


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