Continuum theory and dynamical systems. Papers of the conference/workshop on continuum theory and dynamical systems held at Lafayette, LA (USA). (English) Zbl 0777.00054

Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics 149. New York: Marcel Dekker, Inc. (ISBN 0-8247-9072-3/pbk; 978-1-138-43033-4/hbk; 978-1-4822-9346-3/ebook). viii, 296 p. (1993).

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Alligood, Kathleen T.; Sauer, Timothy, Accessible rotation numbers for chaotic states, 1-14 [Zbl 0790.58026]
Barge, Marcy, Prime end rotation numbers associated with the Hénon maps, 15-33 [Zbl 0789.58049]
Botelho, Fernanda; Chen, Liang, On the rotation shadowing property for annulus maps, 35-42 [Zbl 0795.58030]
Boucher, Kenneth; Brown, Morton; Slaminka, Edward E., A Nielsen-type theorem for area-preserving homeomorphisms of the two disc, 43-50 [Zbl 0807.58027]
Brechner, Beverly L., Irrational rotations on simply connected domains, 51-57 [Zbl 0797.58038]
Brechner, Beverly L.; Guay, Merle D.; Mayer, John C., The rotational dynamics of cofrontiers, 59-82 [Zbl 0795.58040]
Brown, Morton, A periodic homeomorphism of the plane, 83-87 [Zbl 0791.58074]
Chen, Liang; Li, Shihai, Dynamical connections between a continuous map and its inverse limit space, 89-97 [Zbl 0789.58067]
Davis, James F., Horseshoelike mappings and chainability, 99-112 [Zbl 0789.54025]
Duvall, P. F. jun.; Emert, John Wesley; Husch, Laurence S., Iterated function systems, compact semigroups, and topological contractions, 113-155 [Zbl 0847.54037]
Kennedy, Judy; Yorke, James A., The forced damped pendulum and the Wada property, 157-181 [Zbl 0807.58028]
Mayer, John C.; Oversteegen, Lex G., Denjoy meets rotation on an indecomposable cofrontier, 183-199 [Zbl 0817.54027]
Nadler, Sam B. jun., New problems in continuum theory, 201-229 [Zbl 0819.54015]
Nadler, Sam B. jun.; Seldomridge, Gary A., A continuum separated by each of its nondegenerate proper subcontinua, 231-241 [Zbl 0848.54022]
Nikiel, J.; Tuncali, H. M.; Tymchatyn, E. D., Dense embeddings into cubes and manifolds, 243-260 [Zbl 0805.57015]
Pierce, Robert, An example concerning disconnection numbers, 261-262 [Zbl 0807.54022]
Rogers, James T. jun., Indecomposable continua, prime ends, and Julia sets, 263-276 [Zbl 0787.30014]
Turpin, Mark H., Homeomorphisms of cofrontiers with unique rotation number, 277-281 [Zbl 0817.54026]
Charatonik, Wlodzimierz J.; Dilks Dye, Anne; Reed, James F., Self-homeomorphic star figures, 283-290 [Zbl 0826.54027]


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