Séminaire de probabilités XXVII. (French, English) Zbl 0780.00013

Lecture Notes in Mathematics. 1557. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. vi, 327 p. (1993).

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Indexed articles:
Nagasawa, Masao, Principle of superposition and interference of diffusion processes, 1-14 [Zbl 0798.60077]
de la Rue, Thierry, Lebesgue spaces, 15-21 [Zbl 0788.60001]
Ansel, J. P.; Stricker, C., Uniqueness and existence of the minimal law, 22-29 [Zbl 0807.60059]
Ansel, J. P.; Stricker, C., Kunita-Watanabe decomposition, 30-32 [Zbl 0788.60057]
Bertoin, Jean, A simple proof of Shimura’s theorem on meandering points of planar Brownian motion, 33-35 [Zbl 0788.60095]
Knight, Frank, Some remarks on mutual windings, 36-43 [Zbl 0796.60081]
Brockhaus, Oliver, Sufficient statistics for the Brownian sheet, 44-52 [Zbl 0787.60102]
Jeulin, T.; Yor, M., Moving averages and semimartingales, 53-77 [Zbl 0788.60059]
Kawazu, Kiyoshi; Tanaka, Hiroshi, On the maximum of a diffusion process in a drifted Brownian environment, 78-85 [Zbl 0791.60071]
Hu, Yaozhong, Fermionic hypercontractivity, after Carlen-Lieb, 86-96 [Zbl 0810.46072]
Meyer, P. A., Representation of operator martingales (according to Parthasarathy-Sinha), 97-105 [Zbl 0795.60031]
Meyer, P. A., Product systems and Fock space (after W. Arveson), 106-113 [Zbl 0798.46048]
Meyer, P. A., Representation of functions conditionally of positive type (according to V. Belavkin), 114-121 [Zbl 0795.60063]
Dubins, L. E.; Émery, M.; Yor, M., On the Lévy transformation of Brownian motions and continuous martingales, 122-132 [Zbl 0844.60055]
Azéma, J.; Jeulin, T.; Knight, F.; Yor, M., The stopping time theorem of a predictable set, 133-158 [Zbl 0798.60048]
Elworthy, K. D.; Yor, M., Conditional expectations for derivatives of certain stochastic flows, 159-172 [Zbl 0795.60046]
Walsh, John B., Some remarks on \(A(t,B_ t)\), 173-176 [Zbl 0793.60087]
Burdzy, Krzysztof, Excursion laws and exceptional points on Brownian paths, 177-181 [Zbl 0789.60061]
Arnaudon, Marc, Asymptotic properties of semimartingales in manifolds with continuous boundary, 182-201 [Zbl 0787.60054]
Schneider, Dominique; Weber, Michel, A remark on a theorem of Bourgain, 202-206 [Zbl 0799.60035]
Weber, Michel, Regular operators on \(L^ p\)-spaces, 207-215 [Zbl 0805.47032]
Fernique, X., Convergence in law of random variables and random functions, properties of the compactness of laws. II, 216-232 [Zbl 0806.60001]
Mountford, T. S., Estimates of the Hausdorff dimension of the boundary of positive Brownian sheet components, 233-255 [Zbl 0786.60106]
Lescot, Paul, A desintegration theorem in quasi-sure analysis, 256-275 [Zbl 0794.60053]
Song, Shiqi, Inequalities with respect to \(n\)-parameters Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes and Gaussian capacity \(c_{n,2}\), 276-301 [Zbl 0786.60105]
Hirsch, Francis, Representation of \(n\)-parameter Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes, 302-303 [Zbl 0798.60055]
Mokobodzki, Gabriel, Representation of operator semigroups on an \(L^ 1\) space by kernels. Remarks on two articles by S. E. Kuznetsov, 304-311 [Zbl 0856.47025]
Attal, Stéphane; Meyer, Paul-André, Probabilistic interpretation and extension of noncommutative stochastic integrals, 312-327 [Zbl 0796.60055]


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