Progress in partial differential equations: calculus of variations, applications. 1st European conference on Elliptic and parabolic problems, Pont-á-Mousson, France, June 1991. (English) Zbl 0780.00014

Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series. 267. Harlow, Essex: Longman Scientific & Technical. New York: Wiley. 314 p. (1993).

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Indexed articles:
Bensoussan, A.; Boccardo, L.; Murat, F., Homogenization of a nonlinear partial differential equation with unbounded solution, 1-12 [Zbl 0818.35009]
Fraenkel, L. E., On steady vortex rings with swirl and a Sobolev inequality, 13-26 [Zbl 0821.46041]
Giaquinta, M.; Modica, G.; Souček, J., Variational problems for the conformally invariant integral \(\int| du|^ n\), 27-47 [Zbl 0817.49034]
Hardt, R., Spaces of harmonic maps with fixed singular sets, 48-58 [Zbl 0820.35052]
James, R. D.; Kinderlehrer, D., Frustration and microstructure: An example in magnetostriction, 59-81 [Zbl 0797.49037]
Ockendon, J. R., Some macroscopic models for superconductivity, 82-98 [Zbl 0804.35128]
Simon, L., The singular set of minimal submanifolds and harmonic maps, 99-108 [Zbl 0804.49032]
Allaire, G., Homogenization of the unsteady Stokes equations in porous media, 109-123 [Zbl 0801.35103]
Bellettini, G.; Paolini, M.; Verdi, C., Numerical minimization of functionals with curvature by convex approximations, 124-138 [Zbl 0790.53005]
Brauner, C. M.; Fife, P.; Namah, G.; Schmidt-Laine, C., Homogenization of propagative combustion processes, 139-149 [Zbl 0820.35013]
Brighi, B.; Chipot, M., Approximation in nonconvex problems, 150-157 [Zbl 0793.41027]
Brillard, A., Asymptotic flow of a viscous and incompressible fluid through a plane sieve, 158-172 [Zbl 0795.76079]
Colli, P.; Grasselli, M., Phase transitions in materials with memory, 173-186 [Zbl 0787.35048]
Gustafsson, B.; Mossino, J.; Picard, C., Limit behaviour of some stratified structures with high conductivity, 187-199 [Zbl 0823.35015]
Gwinner, J., Boundary element convergence for unilateral harmonic problems, 200-213 [Zbl 0819.35069]
Kubo, M.; Langlais, M., Periodic solutions for nonlinear population dynamics models with periodic supply, 214-220 [Zbl 0794.92017]
Leonetti, F., On the regularity of vector-valued minimizers of some nonconvex functionals with nonstandard growth, 221-227 [Zbl 0808.49032]
Łukaszewicz, G., On diffusion in viscous fluids mixed boundary conditions, 228-243 [Zbl 0817.35073]
Mikelić, Andro; Primicerio, Mario, Homogenization of heat conduction in materials with periodic inclusions of a perfect conductor, 244-256 [Zbl 0819.35013]
Nataf, Frédéric, Paraxial approximations of the steady advection-diffusion equation. Padé approximants for operators, 257-271 [Zbl 0792.41014]
Nicaise, S., Regularity of the weak solution of the Lamé system in nonsmooth domains, 272-284 [Zbl 0798.35029]
Porru, G.; Ragnedda, F., A convexity property for functionals defined on the level sets of solutions to some nonlinear equations, 285-298 [Zbl 0793.58013]
Reddy, B. D., Existence of solutions to a quasistatic problem of elastoplasticity, 299-311 [Zbl 0802.73022]
Roubíček, T., A note about optimality conditions for variational problems with rapidly oscillating solutions, 312-314 [Zbl 0794.49021]


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