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Coding and quantization. DIMACS/IEEE workshop held at the Princeton University, NJ, USA, October 19-21, 1992. (English) Zbl 0782.00053
DIMACS. Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science. 14. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). xxiv, 263 p. (1993).

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Indexed articles:
Forney, G. David jun., On the duality of coding and quantizing, 1-14 [Zbl 0800.94010]
Loeliger, Hans-Andrea, On existence proofs for asymptotically good Euclidean-space group codes, 15-18 [Zbl 0787.94021]
Forney, G. D. jun.; Sloane, N. J. A.; Trott, M. D., The Nordstrom-Robinson code is the binary image of the octacode, 19-26 [Zbl 0804.94021]
Solé, Patrick, Generalized theta functions for lattice vector quantization, 27-32 [Zbl 0804.94018]
Barnes, Christopher F., Tree structured signal space codes, 33-53 [Zbl 0796.94009]
Neuhoff, David L., The other asymptotic theory of lossy source coding, 55-65 [Zbl 0800.94148]
Balamesh, Ahmed S.; Neuhoff, David L., Block-constrained quantization: Asymptotic analysis, 67-74 [Zbl 0796.94005]
Swaszek, Peter F., Syndrome-based VQ codebooks, 75-81 [Zbl 0800.94146]
Zehavi, Ephraim; Salz, Jack, Decoding under integer metric constraints, 83-94 [Zbl 0800.94009]
McLaughlin, S. W.; Ashley, J.; Neuhoff, D. L., The optimality of the natural binary code, 95-101 [Zbl 0787.94002]
Vaishampayan, V., Multiple description scalar quantizer design: Good index assignments, 103-109 [Zbl 0800.94136]
Chan, Wai-Yip; Gersho, Allen, Structured vector quantizers as generalized product codes, 111-119 [Zbl 0800.94145]
van der Vleuten, René J.; Weber, Jos H., A new construction of trellis-coded quantizers, 121-125 [Zbl 0800.94142]
Laroia, Rajiv; Farvardin, Nariman, Trellis-based scalar-vector quantizer for memoryless sources, 127-136 [Zbl 0800.94149]
Eyuboǧlu, M. Vedat; Balamesh, Ahmed S., Lattice-structured codebooks – construction and implementation for memoryless sources, 137-147 [Zbl 0800.94152]
Fredrickson, Lyle; Karabed, Razmik; Siegel, Paul; Thapar, Hemant, Deconding on a finite state transition diagram while avoiding a sub- diagram, 149-151 [Zbl 0800.94232]
Calderbank, A. R.; Fishburn, P. C.; Rabinovich, A., Covering properties of binary convolutional codes and lattice quantization of uniform sources, 153-159 [Zbl 0800.94151]
Levy, Y.; Costello, D. J. jun.; Calderbank, A. R., A Markovian method common to both quantization and decoding using convolutional codes, 161-166 [Zbl 0800.94150]
Heegard, Chris; Rossin, Eric J., Trellis codes, symbolic dynamics, and isometries, 167-174 [Zbl 0800.94214]
Kuruoǧlu, Ercan Engin; Ayanoǧlu, Ender, The design of finite-state machines for quantization using simulated annealing, 175-184 [Zbl 0800.94147]
Anderson, J. B.; Offer, E., The \(M\)-algorithm, the failure of reduced-state sequence detection with good convolutional codes, and some implications for trellis coding, 185-187 [Zbl 0800.94233]
Levy, Y.; Costello, D. J. jun., An algebraic approach to constructing convolutional codes from quasi- cyclic codes, 189-198 [Zbl 0787.94022]
Koorapaty, H.; Bitzer, D. L.; Dholakia, A.; Vouk, M. A., Table-driven decoding of convolutional codes with soft decision, 199-205 [Zbl 0800.94210]
Livingston, Jay N., Rotationally invariant multilevel codes, 207-213 [Zbl 0800.94011]
Kerpez, Kenneth J., Constellations for diversity, 215-224 [Zbl 0787.94001]
Khayrallah, Ali S., Bounded expansion codes for error control, 225-233 [Zbl 0787.94006]
Arikan, Erdal, A bound on the zero-error list coding capacity, 235-241 [Zbl 0788.94007]
Podilchuk, Christine; Jacquin, Arnaud, Geometric vector quantization for subband-based video coding, 243-251 [Zbl 0800.94143]
Sayood, Khalid; Na, Sangsin, Recursively indexed differential pulse code modulation, 253-263 [Zbl 0800.94144]
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