Different perspectives on wavelets. American Mathematical Society short course on wavelets and applications, held in San Antonio, TX (USA), January 11-12, 1993. (English) Zbl 0782.00059

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Indexed articles:
Daubechies, Ingrid, Wavelet transforms and orthonormal wavelet bases, 1-33 [Zbl 0802.42025]
Meyer, Yves, Wavelets and operators, 35-58 [Zbl 0810.42015]
Lemari√©-Rieusset, Pierre Gilles, Projection operators in multiresolution analysis, 59-76 [Zbl 0807.42024]
Tchamitchian, Philippe, Wavelets and differential operators, 77-88 [Zbl 0825.35007]
Beylkin, Gregory, Wavelets and fast numerical algorithms, 89-117 [Zbl 0793.65105]
Coifman, Ronald R.; Wickerhauser, M. Victor, Wavelets and adapted waveform analysis. A toolkit for signal processing and numerical analysis, 119-153 [Zbl 0795.42019]
Wickerhauser, Mladen Victor, Best-adapted wavelet packet bases, 155-171 [Zbl 0795.42020]
Donoho, David L., Nonlinear wavelet methods for recovery of signals, densities, and spectra from indirect and noisy data, 173-205 [Zbl 0786.62094]


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