Proceedings of the miniconference on probability and analysis, held at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, July 24-26, 1991. (English) Zbl 0782.00061

Proceedings of the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications, Australian National University. 29. Canberra: Centre for Mathematics and Its Applications, Australian National University. iv, 253 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Brown, Gavin, Some new applications of Riesz products, 1-13 [Zbl 0832.11026]
Dodds, Peter G.; Dodds, Theresa K.-Y., Some properties of symmetric operator spaces, 14-41 [Zbl 0806.46071]
Dodds, Peter G.; Dodds, Theresa K.-Y., Unitary approximation and submajorization, 42-57 [Zbl 0806.46072]
Dooley, A. H., On Kakutani’s criterion and Shiryaev’s theorem, 58-62 [Zbl 0828.46017]
ter Elst, A. F. M.; Robinson, Derek W., Subelliptic operators on Lie groups, 63-72 [Zbl 0816.43001]
Eyland, Roger; Sharp, Bernice, The Fréchet differentiability of convex functions on \(C(S)\), 73-91 [Zbl 0794.58004]
Gaudry, Garth I., Clifford martingales, the \(T(b)\) theorem and Cauchy integrals, 92-106 [Zbl 0792.31007]
Giles, John R.; Moors, Warren B., Differentiability properties of Banach spaces where the boundary of the closed unit ball has denting point properties, 107-115 [Zbl 0849.46009]
Goldys, Beniamin, On weak solutions of stochastic evolution equations with unbounded coefficients, 116-128 [Zbl 0798.60063]
Kosaki, Hideki, On some trace inequalities, 129-134 [Zbl 0801.47012]
Mann, M. H.; Raeburn, Iain; Sutherland, C. E., Representations of compact groups, Cuntz-Krieger algebras, and groupoid \(C^*\)-algebras, 135-144 [Zbl 0803.22004]
Meaney, C.; Prestini, E., On convergence of some integral transforms, 145-162 [Zbl 0813.42007]
Moors, Warren B., A continuity property related to an index of non-WCG and its implications, 163-170 [Zbl 0845.46008]
Okada, Susumu, The Poincaré-Bertrand formula for the Hilbert transform, 171-182 [Zbl 0789.44003]
Pełczyński, A., Non isomorphism of the disc algebra with spaces of differentiable functions, 183-195 [Zbl 0796.46013]
Pryde, A. J., Inequalities for the joint spectrum of simultaneously triangularizable matrices, 196-207 [Zbl 0795.15010]
Randall, Jennifer, The heat kernel for \(H\)-type groups, 208-211 [Zbl 0837.22006]
Ricker, Werner J., Weak compactness in spaces of linear operators, 212-221 [Zbl 0807.46003]
Sciffer, Scott, Fragmentability of rotund Banach spaces, 222-230 [Zbl 0847.46005]
Weston, Anthony, On the uniform classification of \(L_ p(\mu)\) spaces, 231-237 [Zbl 0802.46029]
Wildberger, N. J., Hypergroups and harmonic analysis, 238-253 [Zbl 0802.43005]


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