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Flips and abundance for algebraic threefolds. A summer seminar at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 1991. (English) Zbl 0782.00075
Astérisque. 211. Paris: Société Mathématique de France, 258 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Kollár, János, Log flips and abundance: An overview, 9-27 [Zbl 0814.14038]
Grassi, Antonella; Kollár, János, Log canonical models, 29-45 [Zbl 0799.14004]
Alexeev, Valery, Classification of log canonical surface singularities: Arithmetical proof, 47-58 [Zbl 0801.14010]
Kollár, János; Matsuki, Kenji, Termination of canonical flips, 59-68 [Zbl 0814.14017]
Corti, Alessio; Kollár, János, Existence of canonical flips, 69-73 [Zbl 0814.14008]
Kollár, János, Crepant descent, 75-87 [Zbl 0799.14019]
Kollár, János; Matsuki, Kenji, Termination of 3-fold log flips near the reduced boundary, 89-93 [Zbl 0795.14020]
Keel, Sean; Kollár, János, Log canonical flips, 95-101 [Zbl 0795.14021]
Shepherd-Barron, N. I., Miyaoka’s theorems on the generic seminegativity of \(T_ X\) and on the Kodaira dimension of minimal regular threefolds, 103-114 [Zbl 0809.14034]
Megyesi, Gábor, Chern classes of \(\mathbb{Q}\)-sheaves, 115-126 [Zbl 0807.14016]
Fong, Lung-Ying; McKernan, James, Log abundance for surfaces, 127-137 [Zbl 0807.14029]
Abramovich, Dan; Fong, Lung-Ying; Kollár, János; McKernan, James, Semi log canonical surfaces, 139-158 [Zbl 0799.14017]
Abramovich, Dan; Fong, Lung-Ying; Matsuki, Kenji, Abundance for threefolds, \(\nu(X)=2\) implies \(\kappa(X)\geq 1\), 159-163 [Zbl 0799.14018]
Kollár, János, Log elliptic fiber spaces, 165-170 [Zbl 0799.14020]
Corti, Alessio, Adjunction of log divisors, 171-182 [Zbl 0810.14003]
Kollár, János, Adjunction and discrepancies, 183-192 [Zbl 0810.14004]
Grassi, Antonella; Kollár, János, Reduction to special flips, 193-206 [Zbl 0931.14008]
Morrison, David R., Complements on log surfaces, 207-214 [Zbl 0931.14009]
Kollár, János, Covering method and easy flips, 215-221 [Zbl 0931.14010]
Kollár, János, Special flips, 223-232 [Zbl 0931.14011]
Luo, Tie, Index two flips, 233-239 [Zbl 0805.14006]
Paranjape, Kapil H.; Srinivas, V., Unirationality of the general complete intersection of small multidegree, 241-254 [Zbl 0807.14039]

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