Hardy space estimates for multilinear operators. II. (English) Zbl 0785.47026

Summary: We continue the study of multilinear operators given by products of finite vectors of Calderón-Zygmund operators. We determine the set of all \(r\leq 1\) for which these operators map products of Lebesgue spaces \(L^ 2(\mathbb{R}^ n)\) into the Hardy spaces \(H^ r(\mathbb{R}^ n)\). At the endpoint case \(r=n/(n+ m+1)\), where \(m\) is the highest vanishing moment of the multilinear operator, we prove a weak type result. [For part I see the review above].


47B38 Linear operators on function spaces (general)
46J15 Banach algebras of differentiable or analytic functions, \(H^p\)-spaces


Zbl 0785.47025
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