The discovery of chaos: a journey through chaos theory. (Die Entdeckung des Chaos: eine Reise durch die Chaos-Theorie. Aus dem Amerikanischen von Carl Carius.) (German) Zbl 0785.58002

dtv-Sachbuch. München: Dt. Taschenbuch-Verl.. 330 p. (1993).
This is a kind of popular books to explain how the ideas of chaotic motions or chaotic phenomena have been developed and how chaotic conditions go into those in order and for some cases conditions in order come back to chaotic behaviour. The authors give several examples of chaotic phenomena in the fields of dynamical systems, cosmology, mapping, biology and so on.
Reviewer: Y.Kozai (Tokyo)


58-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to global analysis
37N99 Applications of dynamical systems
37D45 Strange attractors, chaotic dynamics of systems with hyperbolic behavior
76Fxx Turbulence