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Motives. Proceedings of the summer research conference on motives, held at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA, July 20-August 2, 1991. (English) Zbl 0788.00054
Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics. 55, Pt. 2. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). xiv, 676 p. (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Hain, Richard M., Classical polylogarithms, 3-42 [Zbl 0807.19003]
Goncharov, A. B., Polylogarithms and motivic Galois groups, 43-96 [Zbl 0842.11043]
Beilinson, A.; Deligne, P., Motivic interpretation of the Zagier conjecture relating polylogarithms and regulators, 97-121 [Zbl 0799.19004]
Beilinson, A.; Levin, A., The elliptic polylogarithm, 123-190 [Zbl 0817.14014]
Greenberg, Ralph, Iwasawa theory and \(p\)-adic deformations of motives, 193-223 [Zbl 0819.11046]
Schneider, Peter, \(p\)-adic points of motives, 225-249 [Zbl 0814.14023]
Panchishkin, A. A., Admissible non-Archimedean standard zeta functions associated with Siegel modular forms, 251-292 [Zbl 0837.11029]
Blasius, Don, A \(p\)-adic property of Hodge classes on abelian varieties, 293-308 [Zbl 0821.14028]
Goss, David, Drinfeld modules: Cohomology and special functions, 309-362 [Zbl 0827.11035]
Kudla, Stephen S., The local Langlands correspondence: The non-Archimedean case, 365-391 [Zbl 0811.11072]
Knapp, A. W., Local Langlands correspondence: The Archimedean case, 393-410 [Zbl 0811.11071]
Ramakrishnan, Dinakar, Pure motives and automorphic forms, 411-446 [Zbl 0812.11066]
Milne, J. S., Shimura varieties and motives, 447-523 [Zbl 0816.14022]
Blasius, Don; Rogawski, Jonathan D., Zeta functions of Shimura varieties, 525-571 [Zbl 0827.11033]
Harris, Michael, Hodge-de Rham structures and periods of automorphic forms, 573-624 [Zbl 0824.14015]
Tilouine, J., Galois representations congruent to those coming from Shimura varieties, 625-638 [Zbl 0823.11022]
Ribet, Kenneth A., Report on mod \(\ell\) representations of \(\mathrm{Gal}(\overline{\mathbb Q}/\mathbb Q)\), 639-676 [Zbl 0822.11034]

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