MAA joint invited address: Wavelets making waves in mathematics and engineering. Baltimore, MD, USA, January 1992. Videotape. (English) Zbl 0789.42028

Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (ISBN 0-8218-8082-9). Video. (1993).
This is an NTSC videotape of a one-hour invited address to the MAA-AMS joint meetings in January, 1992. In it the authoress gives a history and general discussion of the theory of wavelets, from Morlet’s original discovery to the time of the lecture. She carefully presents the “fortuitous” coincidences that brought the original intuition into mathematical form. Her rate of speaking is somewhat fast, so that non- native speakers of English may have trouble. Also, the camera tends not to dwell for a long enough period on the written formulas, so that one has to hit the pause button to read and understand them. (This seems to be common problem with this series.)
The lecture is followed by a 20-minute interview with Daubechies, in which she discusses some of the applications of wavelets and, more interestingly, her own background and how it feels to be a woman in science.
Reviewer: J.S.Joel (Kelly)


42C40 Nontrigonometric harmonic analysis involving wavelets and other special systems
42-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to harmonic analysis on Euclidean spaces
01A70 Biographies, obituaries, personalia, bibliographies
94A11 Application of orthogonal and other special functions
68U10 Computing methodologies for image processing