On the support of Wiener functionals. (English) Zbl 0790.60047

Elworthy, K. D. (ed.) et al., Asymptotic problems in probability theory: Wiener functionals and asymptotics. Proceedings of the 26th Taniguchi international symposium, Sanda and Kyoto, Japan, August 31 - September 5, 1990. Harlow, Essex: Longman Scientific & Technical. Pitman Res. Notes Math. Ser. 284, 3-34 (1993).
Let \((B,H,\mu)\) denote an abstract Wiener space and \(\Phi\) a function from \(B\) to a Polish space \(E\). The authors give a criterion for determining the support in \(E\) of the induced measure \(\mu\circ\Phi^{- 1}\). In the case where \(E\) is a Euclidean space and the induced measure has a continuous density \(f\), they apply this result to study the support of \(f\). In the final section, the results of the previous sections are applied to diffusion processes.
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60H07 Stochastic calculus of variations and the Malliavin calculus