Search game on an odd number of arcs with immobile hider. (English) Zbl 0791.90090

The search game for an immobile hider on an odd number of arcs, of equal length, connecting two points has been presented in the book ‘Search Games’ by the reviewer (1980; Zbl 0439.90102). This book contains only a partial solution for the game on three arcs which restricts the searching strategies to a specific family. In the present paper, the author presents a complete solution of the game on three arcs. The three arcs solution is then used to obtain an optimal solution for the search game on any odd number of arcs.
Note that the search game on an even number of arcs, connecting two points, has a simple solution (which is presented in Gal’s book) because the graph is Eulerian.
Reviewer: S.Gal (Haifa)


91A43 Games involving graphs
90B40 Search theory
91A05 2-person games


Zbl 0439.90102