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Lie algebras, cohomology, and new applications to quantum mechanics. AMS special session on Lie algebras, cohomology, and new applications to quantum mechanics, March 20-21, 1992, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, MO, USA. (English) Zbl 0793.00019
Contemporary Mathematics. 160. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). viii, 310 p. (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Abraham-Shrauner, B.; Guo, A., Hidden symmetries of differential equations, 1-13 [Zbl 0811.34025]
Alhassid, Y., Algebraic methods in scattering, 15-30 [Zbl 0804.47012]
Bender, Carl M., Exact solutions to operator differential equations, 31-45 [Zbl 0805.58026]
Biedenharn, L. C., The algebra of tensor operators for the unitary groups, 47-57 [Zbl 0824.22017]
Feinsilver, Philip, Lie groups and probability, 59-74 [Zbl 0840.22027]
Flath, Dan, Coherent tensor operators, 75-84 [Zbl 0820.22008]
Floreanini, Roberto; Vinet, Luc, \({\mathcal U}_ q(sl(2))\) and \(q\)-special functions, 85-100 [Zbl 0807.33013]
Ginocchio, Joseph N., The group representation matrix in quantum mechanical scattering, 101-111 [Zbl 0810.22009]
González-López, Artemio; Kamran, Niky; Olver, Peter J., Quasi-exact solvability, 113-140 [Zbl 0805.58064]
Jørgensen, Palle E. T., Quantization and deformation of Lie algebras, 141-149 [Zbl 0823.46067]
Iachello, Francesco, Algebraic theory, 151-171 [Zbl 0811.17033]
Kaup, D. J., The time-dependent Schrödinger equation in multidimensional integrable evolution equations, 173-190 [Zbl 0816.35115]
Kalnins, E. G.; Miller, Willard jun.; Mukherjee, Sanchita, Models of \(q\)-algebra representations: Matrix elements of \(U_ q(su_ 2)\), 191-208 [Zbl 0815.33012]
Paldus, Josef, Many-electron correlation problem and Lie algebras, 209-236 [Zbl 0806.22013]
Shifman, Mikhail A., Quasi-exactly-solvable spectral problems and conformal field theory, 237-262 [Zbl 0805.58065]
Turbiner, Alexander, Lie-algebras and linear operators with invariant subspaces, 263-310 [Zbl 0809.17023]

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