Differential geometry and its applications. Proceedings of the 5th international conference, Opava, Czechoslovakia, August 24-28, 1992. (English) Zbl 0797.00017

Mathematical Publications (Opava). 1. Opava: Open Education and Sciences, Silesian Univ.. vii, 540 p. (1993).

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Indexed articles:
Armas-Gómez, S.; Margalef-Roig, Juan; Outerelo-Domínguez, Enrique; Padrón-Fernández, E., Openness and density theorems of transversality in manifolds with corners, 3-12 [Zbl 0810.58005]
Arnau, Ximo Gual, Measure of linear spaces and total curvatures of compact anti-invariant submanifolds in \(\mathbb{C}^ n\), 13-22 [Zbl 0805.53051]
Helgason, Sigurdur, The Fourier transform on symmetric spaces and applications, 23-28 [Zbl 0862.22009]
Libermann, Paulette, On symplectic and contact groupoids, 29-45 [Zbl 0805.53034]
Tralle, Aleksei, On compact homogeneous spaces with non-vanishing Massey products, 47-50 [Zbl 0821.57025]
Tran Quyet Thang, Cousin problem for monogenic functions with parameter in Clifford analysis, 51-57 [Zbl 0821.30030]
van den Berg, M.; Desjardins, S.; Gilkey, P. B., Heat content asymptotics of Riemannian manifolds, 61-64 [Zbl 0809.53046]
Bloore, F. J.; Harding, T. J., Isomorphism of de Rham cohomology and relative Hochschild cohomology of differential operators, 65-70 [Zbl 0811.58005]
Klapka, Lubomír, The inversion of Whitehead’s theorem on convex regions, 71-74 [Zbl 0807.53038]
Krupková, Olga, Liouville and Jacobi theorems for vector distributions, 75-87 [Zbl 0811.58007]
Krupková, Olga; Vondra, Alexandr, On some integration methods for connections on fibered manifolds, 89-101 [Zbl 0805.53026]
Marvan, Michal, On zero-curvature representations of partial differential equations, 103-122 [Zbl 0813.58056]
Sarlet, W.; Martínez, E.; Vandecasteele, A., Calculus of forms along a map adapted to the study of second-order differential equations, 123-133 [Zbl 0821.58003]
Haddad, Michel, Holomorphically-projective mappings of \(T\)-quasisemisymmetric and generally symmetric Kählerian spaces, 137-141 [Zbl 0805.53018]
Mikeš, Josef, Global geodesic mappings and their generalizations for compact Riemannian spaces, 143-149 [Zbl 0967.53505]
Radulovič, Želko; Mikeš, Josef, Geodesic and holomorphically-projective mappings of conformally-Kählerian spaces, 151-156 [Zbl 0805.53061]
Shiha, Mohsen, On the theory of holomorphically-projective mappings of parabolically- Kählerian spaces, 157-160 [Zbl 0805.53017]
Benenti, Sergio, Orthogonal separable dynamical systems, 163-184 [Zbl 0817.70012]
Bóna, Pavel, On nonlinear quantum mechanics, 185-192 [Zbl 0814.58006]
Cantrijn, F., A reduction property for a class of mechanical systems with friction, 193-200 [Zbl 0809.58036]
Hall, G. S., Space-times and holonomy groups, 201-210 [Zbl 0805.53016]
Mikkelsen, Michael, Some results on standard static space-times with perfect fluid, 211-220 [Zbl 0805.53060]
Novotný, Jan; Horský, Jan, Generation method for solutions of Einstein-Maxwell equations and its geometrical background, 221-226 [Zbl 0805.53068]
Przybylski, Bronislaw, Complex Poisson manifolds, 227-241 [Zbl 0818.58019]
Reuter, Stefan; Schmidt, Hans-Jürgen, On the Wheeler-de Witt equation for homogeneous cosmological models, 243-254 [Zbl 0806.53069]
Aguirre-Dabán, E.; Sánchez-Rodríguez, I., On structure equations for second order connections, 257-264 [Zbl 0805.53027]
Dekrét, Anton, Natural connections of 1-forms on tangent bundles, 265-271 [Zbl 0805.53024]
Doupovec, Miroslav; Vondra, Alexandr, On certain natural transformations between connections, 273-279 [Zbl 0805.53025]
Gancarzewicz, Jacek; Mikulski, Wlodzimierz; Pogoda, Zdzisław, Natural bundles and natural liftings prolongations of geometric structures, 281-320 [Zbl 0805.53029]
Krupka, Michal, On the order reduction of differential invariants, 321-334 [Zbl 0805.53010]
Slovák, Jan, Natural operators on conformal manifolds, 335-349 [Zbl 0805.53011]
Berndt, Jürgen; Vanhecke, Lieven, Naturally reductive Riemannian homogeneous spaces and real hypersurfaces in complex and quaternionic space forms, 353-364 [Zbl 0805.53049]
Frydrych, Mariusz, Decomposable elements in eigenspaces of the curvature operator, 365-367 [Zbl 0805.53055]
Ivanov, Stefan, On Radon’s theorem for affine Kaehler immersions, 369-376 [Zbl 0805.53006]
Marrero, J. C.; Rocha, J., On a special class of Hermitian manifolds, 377-386 [Zbl 0805.53031]
Salamon, S. M., Index theory and quaternionic Kähler manifolds, 387-404 [Zbl 0810.58039]
Simonsen, Annette, Inverse spectral geometry of toroidal warped products, 405-414 [Zbl 0846.58054]
Tricerri, Franco; Vanhecke, Lieven, Geometry of a class of non-symmetric harmonic manifolds, 415-426 [Zbl 0805.53041]
García Pérez, P. L.; Muñoz Masqué, J., Lagrangian densities invariant under the full Lie algebra of the infinitesimal automorphisms of a principal bundle, 429-437 [Zbl 0805.53028]
Grigore, D. R., A geometric Lagrangian formalism for extended objects, 439-448 [Zbl 0813.58013]
Klein, Joseph, On variational second order differential equations; polynomial case, 449-459 [Zbl 0809.34023]
Kolář, Ivan, Natural operators related with the variational calculus, 461-472 [Zbl 0831.58005]
Krupka, D., Topics in the calculus of variations: Finite order variational sequences, 473-495 [Zbl 0811.58018]
de León, Manuel; Marrero, Juan C., Degenerate time-dependent Lagrangians of second order: The fourth order differential equation problem, 497-508 [Zbl 0811.58027]
de León, M.; Mello, Maria H.; Rodrigues, P. R., Reduction of singular Lagrangians of higher-order, 509-521 [Zbl 0818.58016]
Štefánek, Jaroslav, Odd variational sequences on finite order jet spaces, 523-538 [Zbl 0812.58023]


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