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Spectral and scattering theory. Proceedings of the 30th Taniguchi international workshop, held at Sanda, Hyogo, Japan. (English) Zbl 0798.00016
Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics. 161. Basel: Marcel Dekker. viii, 331 p. $ 135.00 /sc (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Fujiwara, Daisuke, Stationary phase method with an estimate of the remainder term over a space of large dimension, 1-14 [Zbl 0815.35136]
Guillot, Jean-Claude, Fibration of the phase space for the periodic nonlinear Schrödinger equation and for the periodic Toda lattice equations, 15-31 [Zbl 0814.35122]
Ikawa, Mitsuru, Poles of scattering matrices for two degenerate convex bodies, 33-62 [Zbl 0827.35096]
Isozaki, Hiroshi, A uniqueness theorem for the \(N\)-body Schrödinger equation and its applications, 63-84 [Zbl 0813.35068]
Melrose, Richard B., Spectral and scattering theory for the Laplacian on asymptotically Euclidean spaces, 85-130 [Zbl 0837.35107]
Nakamura, Shu, Tunneling effects in momentum space and scattering, 131-151 [Zbl 0827.35097]
Ozawa, Tohru; Tsutaya, Kimitoshi; Tsutsumi, Yoshio, Normal form and global solutions for the Klein-Gordon-Zakharov equations, 153-179 [Zbl 0815.35096]
Robert, Didier; Wang, Xue Ping, Pointwise semiclassical asymptotics for total cross sections in \(N\)-body problems, 181-196 [Zbl 0831.35148]
Sigal, I. M., General characteristics of nonlinear dynamics, 197-217 [Zbl 0836.35011]
Soga, Hideo, Non-smooth solutions of the elastic wave equation and singularities of the scattering kernel, 219-238 [Zbl 0837.35143]
Tamura, Hideo, Spectral and scattering theory for many-particle systems with Stark effect, 239-257 [Zbl 0828.35101]
Yafaev, D., Eigenfunctions of the continuous spectrum for the \(N\)-particle Schrödinger operator, 259-286 [Zbl 0814.35088]
Yajima, Kenji, The \(W^{k,p}\)-continuity of wave operators for Schrödinger opertors. II: Positive potentials in even dimensions \(m\geq 4\), 287-300 [Zbl 0820.35114]
Zworski, M., Counting scattering poles, 301-331 [Zbl 0823.35139]

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