Commutative algebra: Extended abstracts of an international conference, July 27 - August 1, 1994, Vechta, Germany. (English) Zbl 0799.00021

Vechtaer Universitätsschriften. 13. Cloppenburg: Runge. 213 p. (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Aberbach, Ian M., Theorems of Briançon-Skoda type in regular rings, 11-14 [Zbl 0838.13004]
Aleksandrov, Aleksandr G., Koszul complex with coefficients in a self-injective artinian ring, 15-19 [Zbl 0820.13016]
Avramov, Luchezar L., Locally complete intersection homomorphisms and vanishing of André- Quillen homology, 20-24 [Zbl 0820.13012]
Barile, Margherita, Arithmetical ranks of some determinantal and Pfaffian ideals, 25-27 [Zbl 0820.13008]
Bijan-Zadeh, Mohammad, On the singular sets of a module, 28 [Zbl 0808.13006]
Brodmann, Markus, A few remarks on “Macaulayfication” of sheaves, 29-32 [Zbl 0822.14022]
Cahen, Paul-Jean, Valuative heights and infinite Nagata rings, 33-36 [Zbl 0818.13013]
Charalambous, Hara, Poincaré series of monomial rings, 37-40 [Zbl 0810.13015]
Cipu, Mihai, \(l\)-sequences, 41-42 [Zbl 0823.13011]
Conca, Aldo, Ladder determinantal rings have rational singularities, 43-46 [Zbl 0820.13009]
Cutkosky, Steven Dale, Purity of branch locus, 47-50 [Zbl 0821.13007]
Dutta, Sankar P., The canonical element conjecture. A brief survey and some new results, 51-53 [Zbl 0836.13007]
Elias, Juan, Bounds for the Betti numbers of Cohen-Macaulay modules, 54-55 [Zbl 0810.13012]
Flenner, Hubert, Linear normality for singularities, 56-58 [Zbl 0812.32016]
Foxby, Hans-Bjørn, Gorenstein dimensions over Cohen-Macaulay rings, 59-63 [Zbl 0834.13014]
Geramita, Anthony V., The Hilbert function of points in \(\mathbb{P}^ n\), 64-68 [Zbl 0810.13016]
Goto, Shiro, Cohen-Macaulayness in graded rings associated to ideals, 69-72 [Zbl 0818.13003]
Gubeladze, Joseph, Algebraic \(K\)-theory of monoid rings, 73-76 [Zbl 0816.13009]
Hashimoto, Mitsuyasu, Resolution of determinantal ideals – counterexamples on generic symmetric matrices, 77-81 [Zbl 0823.13009]
Hibi, Yakayuki, Linear and pure resolutions arising from simplicial complexes, 82-84 [Zbl 0816.13010]
Lê Tuân Hoa, Bounds for the Betti numbers of a projective curve, 85-88 [Zbl 0820.13014]
Hochster, Melvin, The localization question for tight closure, 89-93 [Zbl 0815.13005]
Huang, I-Chiau, Functorial construction of Cousin complexes, 94-96 [Zbl 0814.13011]
Hübl, Reinhold, Residues of differential forms and Chern classes, 97-101 [Zbl 0814.14021]
Huckaba, Sam, A \(d\)-dimensional extension of a lemma of Huneke’s and formulas for the Hilbert coefficients, 102-104 [Zbl 0836.13012]
Huneke, Craig, Uniform Artin-Rees and desingularizations, 105-108 [Zbl 0818.13002]
Iarrobino, Anthony, Vanishing ideals at multiple points of \(\mathbb{P}^ r\), 109-113 [Zbl 0816.14001]
Kang, Ming-Chang, Finite group actions on rational function fields, 114-119 [Zbl 0836.14033]
Kawasaki, Takesi, On the type of local rings, 120-121 [Zbl 0845.13008]
Kunz, Ernst, Riemannian algebras, 122-125 [Zbl 0843.53022]
Lyubeznik, Gennady, On the structure of local cohomology modules of regular local rings of characteristic \(p>0\), 126-127 [Zbl 0811.13007]
Marley, Thomas, Finitely graded local cohomology and the depths of Rees algebras, 128-132 [Zbl 0820.13006]
Nagel, Uwe, On lifting results for the property of being arithmetically Cohen- Macaulay, 133-136 [Zbl 0817.14030]
Nishida, Koji, Powers of ideals in Cohen-Macaulay rings, 137-138 [Zbl 0847.13002]
Nowak, Krzysztof J., Injective endomorphisms of algebraic varieties, 139-140 [Zbl 0818.14006]
O’Carroll, Liam, Smooth blow-ups, 141-142 [Zbl 0850.13001]
Peeva, Irena V., Complete intersection dimension, 143-147 [Zbl 0829.13011]
Popescu, Dorin, Maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules over isolated singularities, 148-150 [Zbl 0828.13006]
Ribbe, Jürgen, On the Cohen-Macaulay property of multi-Rees and form rings, 151-153 [Zbl 0826.13005]
Roberts, Paul, Chern characters defined by modules over regular local rings, 154-156 [Zbl 0820.13017]
Rossi, Maria Evelina, On the coefficients of the Hilbert polynomial, 157-160 [Zbl 0832.13015]
Schenzel, Peter, Generators of cohomology modules and Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity, 161-165 [Zbl 0826.14003]
Sharp, Rodney Y., A characterization of generalized Hughes complexes, 166-169 [Zbl 0814.13012]
Simis, Aron, The diagonal subalgebra of a multigraded \(k\)-algebra, 170-174 [Zbl 0832.13012]
Smith, Karen E., Differential operators and connections with tight closure, 175-179 [Zbl 0819.13009]
Srinivasan, Hema, Finite determinacy of mappings, 180-183 [Zbl 0835.13007]
Swanson, Irena, Cores and adjoints in two-dimensional regular local rings, 184-186 [Zbl 0829.13015]
Ulrich, Bernd, Cohen-Macaulay blow-up rings and expected reduction numbers, 187-191 [Zbl 0849.13015]
Vasconcelos, Wolmer V., The fundamental divisor of a Rees algebra, 192-194 [Zbl 0823.13004]
Vega, Agustin Marcelo, Two characterizations of reflexive modules over a UFD, 195-197 [Zbl 0833.13008]
Vogel, Wolfgang, Diophantine equations and intersection theory, 198-200 [Zbl 0839.14002]
Watanabe, Kei-ichi, \(F\)-regular and \(F\)-rational rings of dimension 2, 201-203 [Zbl 0845.13001]
Winiarski, Tadeusz, Division of entire power series by a Gröbner basis, 204-205 [Zbl 0816.13022]
Yamagishi, Kikumichi, Note on stability of Betti numbers of ideals over a Buchsbaum ring, 206-208 [Zbl 0812.13010]
Yassemi, Siamak, Coassociated primes and magnitude of modules, 209-211 [Zbl 0826.13002]
Zakeri, Hossein, Action of certain groups on modules of generalized fractions, 212-213 [Zbl 0818.13005]


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