The mathematical legacy of Wilhelm Magnus. Groups, geometry and special functions. Conference on the legacy of Wilhelm Magnus, May 1-3, 1992, Polytechnic Univ. Brooklyn, NY, USA. (English) Zbl 0801.00023

Contemporary Mathematics. 169. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). x, 499 p. (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Anderson, G. D.; Vamanamurthy, M. K.; Vuorinen, M., Inequalities for plane quasiconformal mappings, 1-27 [Zbl 0815.30014]
Askey, Richard, A look at the Bateman project, 29-43 [Zbl 0837.33001]
Bass, Hyman; Lubotzky, Alexander, Linear-central filtrations on groups, 45-98 [Zbl 0817.20038]
Baumslag, Gilbert, Musings on Magnus, 99-106 [Zbl 0806.54014]
Berry, Kevin; Tretkoff, Marvin, The monodromy group of a transcendental function, 107-122 [Zbl 0933.33021]
Birman, J. S.; Long, D. D.; Moody, J. A., Finite-dimensional representations of Artin’s braid group, 123-132 [Zbl 0847.20035]
Cannon, J. W.; Floyd, W. J.; Parry, W. R., Squaring rectangles: The finite Riemann mapping theorem, 133-212 [Zbl 0818.20043]
Fine, Benjamin; Rosenberger, Gerhard, The Freiheitssatz and its extensions, 213-252 [Zbl 0833.20034]
Fischer, Ismor, A Rodrigues-type formula for the \(q\)-Racah polynomials and some related results, 253-259 [Zbl 0809.33011]
Francis, George K.; Kauffman, Louis H., Air on the Dirac strings, 261-276 [Zbl 0841.57011]
Gaglione, Anthony M.; Spellman, Dennis, Does Lyndon’s length function imply the universal theory of free groups?, 277-281 [Zbl 0856.20003]
Gallo, Daniel M., Schottky groups and the boundary of Teichmüller space: Genus 2, 283-305 [Zbl 0811.30029]
Gardiner, Frederick P.; Sullivan, Dennis, Lacunary series as quadratic differentials in conformal dynamics, 307-330 [Zbl 0814.30027]
Gilman, Robert H., The geometry of cycles in the Cayley diagram of a group, 331-340 [Zbl 0830.20059]
Harvey, W. J., Braids, Riemann surfaces and moduli, 341-352 [Zbl 0823.32011]
Hirshon, R., Some remarks on \(J\) replacement in direct products, 353-363 [Zbl 0925.20039]
Hochstadt, Harry, Wilhelm Magnus, applied mathematician, 365-372 [Zbl 0808.01019]
Juhász, A.; Rosenberger, G., On the combinatorial curvature of groups of F-type and other one-relator free products, 373-384 [Zbl 0819.20025]
Kuiken, Kathryn; Masterson, John T., Branched dihedral structures on Riemann surfaces, 385-396 [Zbl 0813.30036]
Labute, John P., Groups and Lie algebras: The Magnus theory, 397-406 [Zbl 0817.20043]
Lehner, Joseph, Semiregular continued fractions whose partial denominators are 1 or 2, 407-410 [Zbl 0814.11008]
Levin, Frank, Testing for the center of a one-relator group, 411-413 [Zbl 0828.20021]
Lipschutz, Seymour, Generalizing the Baer-Stallings pregroup, 415-430 [Zbl 0848.20020]
Macedonska, O.; Solitar, Donald M., On binary \(\sigma\)-invariant words in a group, 431-449 [Zbl 0843.20028]
Maskit, Bernard, Explicit matrices for Fuchsian groups, 451-466 [Zbl 0810.30031]
Morse, Robert Fitzgerald, Levi-properties generated by varieties, 467-474 [Zbl 0818.20023]
Passman, D. S., Chains of primitive ideals, 475-480 [Zbl 0817.16005]
Pignataro, Thea; Sandler, Hanna, Families of closed geodesics on hyperbolic surfaces with common self- intersections, 481-489 [Zbl 0818.53066]
Ratcliffe, John G., On the isometry groups of hyperbolic manifolds, 491-495 [Zbl 0809.30039]
Tasić, Vladimir, A generalization of Lazard’s theorem on modular dimension subgroups, 497-499 [Zbl 0817.20039]


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