Upwinded test functions for finite element and finite volume methods. (English) Zbl 0801.65096

Griffiths, D. F. (ed.) et al., Numerical analysis 1991. Proceedings of the 14th Dundee conference, June 25-28, 1991, Dundee, UK. Dundee: Longman Scientific & Technical. Pitman Res. Notes Math. Ser. 260, 128-141 (1992).
The author considers steady and unsteady convection-diffusion problems. In the steady case Petrov-Galerkin methods generated by symmetrising the operator and Moore’s upwinded control volumes are discussed. In the unsteady case evolution Galerkin methods are presented.
For the entire collection see [Zbl 0787.00029].
Reviewer: M.Jung (Chemnitz)


65M60 Finite element, Rayleigh-Ritz and Galerkin methods for initial value and initial-boundary value problems involving PDEs
35K15 Initial value problems for second-order parabolic equations