Momentum and heat transport on a continuous flat surface moving in a parallel stream. (English) Zbl 0810.76016

The authors study the boundary layer flow on a flat surface. The boundary layer equations reduce to \(f'''+ f''f=0\), \(f(0)=0\), \(f'(0)= 1- \varepsilon\), \(f'(\infty)= \varepsilon\), where \(\varepsilon= U_ \infty/ (U_ \infty+ U_ w)\), \(U_ \infty\) is the free stream velocity, \(U_ w\) is the plate velocity. The numerical method shows that the solution is unique for \(\varepsilon<1\) and dual for \(1\leq \varepsilon< \varepsilon_ 0\). There is no solution for \(\varepsilon> \varepsilon_ 0\).


76D10 Boundary-layer theory, separation and reattachment, higher-order effects
80A20 Heat and mass transfer, heat flow (MSC2010)


Blasius problem
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